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Philipsburg Pennsylvania

Philipsburg offers a variety of activities for tourists and the local communities alike. Walk tours are available that detail the history of Philipsburg's Historic District and downtown, as well as residential areas. Philipsburg celebrates its proud history annually at Philipsburg Heritage Days, a week-long festival that takes place the week after the Fourth of July. Heritage Days includes a grand parade, vendors, entertainment, delicious food, the honoring of history and heritage, and an annual car or truck raffle at the end of the car show at 3 p.m. on Sunday each year by the Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation, the Main Street Program for downtown historic Philipsburg.  Thousands of people who are native to Philipsburg and the Moshannon Valley attend this annual celebration.

The Philipsburg shopping district was added to the national register of historic places in 1999.

James and Henry Philips founded Philipsburg, Pennsylvania in 1791.  Some reports say that the land was bought at an auction on the streets of Philadelphia at two cents an acre. Today the town boasts a wide variety of historic buildings, representative of a variety of architectural styles, including the Rowland Mansion House (currently Whispering Sisters B&B), Union Church (Mud Church) and the Carlisle-Loraine House.

Take a trip to Philipsburg and soak in the stunning architecture and beauty of nature with Black Moshannon State Park, and find that peaceful and charming little get-away not too far away!

Canoeing & FIshing Black Moshannon State Park