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By Leah Grubb

Here in Happy Valley, it’s no secret that we like our wine — and spirits. Whether we are having a backyard BBQ with the family or are heading out to tailgate at the Penn State game, you’ll see... MORE

Spring means more than just warmer days and brighter sunshine in Happy Valley — it also means the springing of fresh and local produce once more. Thanks to... MORE

The Penn Stater, located in Innovation Park, offers top-notch amenities and beautifully appointed rooms. Their two in-hotel restaurants are perfect fall destinations for both lunch and dinner. Find out what's in store this spring!

... MORE

For one hot minute, my family were winemakers. We never had the cool winery with that always-there smell of some great vintage wafting through the air, or the barrels stacked while the tannins did their magic. It was just a bumper crop of blackberries... MORE

From the moment you walk into Standing Stone Coffee Company in Huntingdon, you know you've made a find. There's something about the vibe that feels downhome — board games and classic movie showings — blended with the fine edge of local art, a rotating... MORE

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