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By Cara Aungst


Summer is here, and you're going to want to spend some of it at our local wineries. First of all, the locations are stellar. Our local wineries are each situated in a beautiful piece of central Pennsylvania, and many of them have events where you can enjoy their wines and locations in equal measure. Add in summer wines bursting with... MORE

The Penn Stater's location in Innovation Park makes it the perfect location for a business lunch (none of the hassle of downtown traffic or parking garages), Sunday Brunches or a celebratory burger and beer with friends.


America's Bounty Buffet

Enjoy this luscious buffet on Friday and Saturday evenings with entrees like Grilled Sirloin,... MORE

Summer means spending as much time outdoors as possible, and few warm-weather activities rival the satisfaction of dining alfresco. In recent years, the growth of the farm-to-table movement has added a layerof awareness of the many benefits of locally sourced foods: great taste, better health and an improved local economy and environment.

Here are a few local dining establishments... MORE

By Laura Zaks


Fine dining and wining does have its perks, but there’s just something fun and special about ordering a delicious meal at a food truck and eating out on the go. Lucky for us Nittany Lions, Happy Valley is truly a food truck nation, raising its flag to sizzling drinks and scrumptious take-out food matched only by outstanding, friendly service.... MORE

By Laura Zaks


It’s officially hitting those weeks of 70 and 80-degree weather here in Happy Valley, and that could only mean one thing: ice cream!

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” has never sounded more perfect than in a valley that offers bountiful options for cold treats and delights, as well as sprinkles galore.

After a stroll through the... MORE

By Leah Grubb

Here in Happy Valley, it’s no secret that we like our wine — and spirits. Whether we are having a backyard BBQ with the family or are heading out to tailgate at the Penn State game, you’ll see... MORE

Spring means more than just warmer days and brighter sunshine in Happy Valley — it also means the springing of fresh and local produce once more. Thanks to... MORE


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