Best places to watch Penn State sports this fall

Ever head down to a live sports game and catch yourself watching all the action through the screens the stadium? Yeah—been there, done that.

No need to feel like that’s wrong though—watching games on a screen while sitting with friends and family at a restaurant or bar can actually be half the fun. The hype is just as tangible and the players on the TV sometimes even feel closer, as if they are tossing that football right in front of you. In this way, it’s a win-win—even more so if the team actually wins.

Basically, the whole deal is a triple threat.

So, where are these dream destinations for Penn State sports lovers? Think for a bit. Ready to learn the answer?

Right here in Happy Valley, that’s where!

The following is a list of the best places to watch Penn State sports and see those Nittany Lions roar.

1: Otto’s Pub and Brewery

2235 N Atherton St, State College, PA 16803

Otto’s Pub and Brewery has about eight to ten screens where Penn State games are on full display. Enjoy the on-sight parking lot, as well as the blue and white mixed drink offered during football weekends! Just minutes away from Penn State and Beaver Stadium, Otto’s is really just an extension of campus—a true part of the Nittany family with high quality beer on tap and affordable wine starting with $6 glasses or $18 bottles. The food is worthy of a “bon appetite” with menu items including French onion soup, beer infused chili, loaded chips, nachos, chicken wings and more!

2: Robin Hood Brewing Co.

1796 Zion Rd, Bellefonte, PA 16823

He steals from the rich flavors of food and delivers it to the customers of the bar that bears his name. Robin Hood Brewing Co. has about 15 TV screens and on sight parking—another perk is its Bellefonte location. If you are looking for a less rowdy street still fraught with Nittany pride, this brewpub could be it! Enjoy the homey vibes of Momma’s meatballs, the beer battered shrimp, the provolone sticks—all under ten dollars! Other menu favorites include the artisan soups, the red skin mashed potatoes side, the “craftwiches” and the Home D styled pizza. Oh, and make a splash with the Smash Burgers, all for around ten dollars. Finally, enjoy a flavor-filled beer menu that is always ready and on tap, including Labatt Blue, Bud Light and Samuel Adams Porch Rocker.

3: Liberty Craft House

346 E College Ave, State College, PA

Another State College bar fan favorite, Liberty Craft House is home to nine TVs, all perfectly positioned to enjoy Penn State games while dining. It is located downtown, so make sure to either spin the wheel of good fortune for street parking or just head on down to a parking garage of your choice; either way, the viewing experience and brews are worth finding the parking. There are exactly 47 beers on tap at the Liberty Craft House, most of which cost around three dollars for a 5oz. Best part is that you can totally take home a souvenir by purchasing a Liberty Craft House bottle opener, glass or stainless steel cup. Liberty describes themselves as a “humble neighborhood joint” with designs dated from the industrial revolution, so you can dine with history while watching Penn State athletics make history.

4: Phyrst Bar

111 E Beaver Ave, State College, PA 16801

Phyrst thing’s phyrst: Phyrst Bar. This State College staple has four large screens for Penn State game watching, with parking permitted on the lot across from Panera Bread or at a parking garage closest to guests’ convenience. Phyrst is also known for their “live music 365 days a year,” which can help liven up any night when the lions are scoring big. Thirsty? Specials on Saturdays include half-off everything from 7–9 p.m. and on Sundays, everything is half-off from 10 p.m.–12 a.m. Fresh cut French fries start at $4, egg rolls are $2.50 each and cheesesteaks start at $6.

5. Allen Street Grill

 100 W College Ave, State College, PA 16801

The Allen Street Grill is a much more family-oriented sports viewing restaurant, with one TV screen in the restaurant’s booth section and two screens at the bar. Parking is validated through the restaurant with a purchase of $15 and up. That affordable commitment can easily be done by ordering the almond-crusted chicken breast, the cedar-planked salmon or the cornmeal fried catfish.  Oh, and another thing worth mentioning: the Allen Street Grill overlooks College Avenue as it is located on the second floor, ultimately providing both a great view and amazing food on this sports adventure. Can’t go wrong there! 

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