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Cycling Centre County

If you like to ride a bicycle, Centre County is an outstanding place to live and/or visit. Whether it's rolling backcountry roads, steep mountain climbs, technical single-track, or in-town bicycle paths that you seek, the greater State College area delivers. The links below will take you to detailed maps, descriptions, and cue sheets for a wide variety of favorite local road rides.  Or click here for the Centre Region bicycling information. 

Nittany Stage Race

Scotia Loop (33.3 miles)

Purdue Mountain Loop (25 miles)

Circleville Road Loop (18.5 miles)

State College Routes

Click HERE for more Centre County routes  from Centre Bike

Additionally, Centre County hosts several bike races that offer fun and exercise for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced riders. Some to look for are:


Transylvania Mountain Bike Epic
(Photo credit Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Media Team)

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic

Rothrock Trail Mix

Nittany Stage Race

Click HERE for more Centre County races from Centre Bike

Want to know how to get from A to B on your bike? Check out these handy maps

If you aren't fired up enough about hitting the road, we'll give you 5 Reasons Why State College is World-Class Destination for Cyclists

Don't forget to check our calendar for upcoming bike races and events!

A few tips for road riding in the Centre County area:
  • While most of the roads in the area are well paved, some lack an adequate shoulder. Please exercise caution on these stretches!


  • Be advised that some of the stretches in the rides described herein are signed at 45 or even 55 mph and that automobile traffic often travels faster than the posted speed limit. In the ride maps, particularly tricky sections have been marked. Note, however, that your tolerance, or lack thereof, of traffic may differ from the author's.


  • This is rural Pennsylvania. You will run into the occasional and most likely unleashed dog which will invariably give pursuit. Generally, a stern (and loud!) 'NO' or 'STOP' will do the trick. If not, a squirt of water between the eyes (the dog's, not yours) is an excellent plan B. Those of you with poor aim and requiring a plan C should work on your sprinting.


  • Many of the rides described below take you far, far away from civilization. Mechanical trouble at the apogee of your ride would be a serious drag. Please consider carrying, at the bare minimum, a patch kit, tire lever, spare tube, and pump. You may also wish to carry an adjustable wrench, a few allen keys, and a chain tool. While on the topic of what to carry, be sure to carry adequate water and food. Food stops have been noted on the maps and in the cue sheets, but an extra banana or bagel never hurt anyone.


  • Note that State College has a short, but very definite 'rush hour' in the evening. Roads that see, on average, light traffic may be heavily used from 4-6pm. These include, but are not limited to, Whitehall Road, Fox Hollow Road, etc.
  • Wave and say hello to the folks that you pass in the countryside. They are the ones who drive (and therefore pass cyclists) on the backroads. A little courtesy will hopefully be returned in kind.


  • Always, always, always wave with all five fingers. You are an ambassador for the rest of us. Angry words and gestures only serve to make people more irate, and they'll take it out on the next cyclist.

Mid-State Trail, Centre County
Signs at the Mid-State Trail