Halloween candy: The best and the worst

For the most part, kids enjoy ALL candy. However, we’re here to tell you the do’s and don’t’s for handing out candy this year ... in our opinion.


Reese’s: What’s not to love about chocolate with peanut butter? Not only do kids love Reese’s peanut butter cups, but Reese’s pieces are a great go-to as well. 

Twix: Twix bars are the best bang for your buck! In one small wrapper, you get two chocolate bars. There is nothing like ripping a Twix in half, and watching the caramel ooze out.

M&M’s: Who doesn't love M&M’s? Not only are they a classic Halloween candy to eat from the bag, but they can be used later in the creation of fun Halloween treats.

Snickers: Peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. I can’t think of a better trio! Try handing out Snickers fun size or Snickers mini for an exciting treat.

Skittles: Skittles are one of the most exciting bags of candy to receive because one bag holds many flavors. Kids can pick and choose their favorites, and share with their friends…or not!

Kit Kat: You can’t go wrong with a Kit Kat bar. They’re crunchy, crispy, and chocolatey… and you get two!

Blow Pop: There’s nothing more exciting than finding a lollipop in your Halloween basket after a night on the town. Kids can’t wait to get to the bubble gum center!


Candy Corn: You either love it or you hate it. In our opinion, most kids would prefer almost anything over candy corn (maybe even an apple).

Whoppers: There is NOTHING more disappointing than checking your Halloween bag as a kid and seeing…Whoppers.

Almond Joys: Almond Joys are a candy that kids don’t seem to like as much as adults do. The coconut, almond, chocolate…not necessarily a kid’s favorite. More for us!

Milk Duds: Milk Duds are just way too chewy for a small, circular, chocolate candy. Might as well stick with the M&M’s.

Hershey’s bar: Boring…If you’re going to give out Hershey’s chocolate, at least pick a fun flavor! 

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