Best Views in Happy Valley: Spring Edition

Happy Valley’s rural location definitely has its advantages when it comes to spring. Home to many parks, hiking trails and, of course, the Penn State campus, Happy Valley is the perfect spot to observe the wonders of the spring season in Pennsylvania.

Photo: David Creech

1. Mount Nittany

This local landmark is a popular hiking destination for Penn State students. Its several overlooks provide amazing views of campus, the surrounding area and the majestic Beaver Stadium.

Photo: Penn State

2. Penn State Campus

There’s plenty to see on the Penn State campus during the spring; and I’m not just talking about the squirrels. The tulips are in full bloom in front of Old Main and the Pattee and Paterno libraries. So take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a stroll around campus.

Photo: Amir Nejad

3. Shingletown Gap

Located in the Rothrock State Forest, Shingletown offers hiking trails at a variety of different lengths, making it the perfect scenic spot for all ages. These trails are also perfect for mountain biking and dog walking.

Photo: Penn State

4. The Arboretum at Penn State

April showers bring May flowers and the Arboretum at Penn State is no exception. The gardens and groves provide a wide variety of plant life. Located on the north end of campus, the arboretum is the perfect place to stop and smell the roses (literally!).

Photo: Matt Qualiano

5. David’s Vista

Located in Rothrock Forest, David’s Vista provides a breathtaking view. The trail starts at the top of the mountain and winds to a scenic overlook of a boulder field and lush foliage.

Photo: J. Clark

6. 1,000 Steps Trail

Looking for a great workout and some awesome views? Look no further than the 1,000 Steps Trail. This trail takes you into the Allegheny Mountains using carefully placed stone steps. While it is called “1,000 Steps Trail,” word on the street is that it’s actually more like 1,200.

Photo: Eric Weiss

7. Alan Seeger Natural Area

Be sure to pack your waterproof shoes for this one! Although the trail can be damp during the spring, the rain provides very lush surroundings. The trail is also thick with rhododendrons. They flower in early June so be sure to check it out!

For more scenic suggestions visit the Huntington County Visitors Bureau website,

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