Cabinda Tweets That's He's 'Freed'

The Lions have been depleted a linebacker since the start of the season. 
No injury hit the unit harder than the absence of defensive stalwart Jason Cabinda in the middle of the field. Hampered by what's believed to be a hand or arm injury, he's been sidelined the past five games since suffering the injury against Kent State where he recorded 11 total tackles.
Though nothing was confirmed by the program, Cabinda sent out a somewhat cryptic tweet implying that he's been "freed," leading one to assume he's been cleared to play by the team's medical staff -- giving the Lions a much-needed boost at the most important position. 
It's unclear whether or not Brandon Bell will join Cabinda on Saturday, but merely having the team's defensive heart and soul back on the field is sure to make a significant difference for Penn State against the No. 2 Buckeyes.
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