Where to take your selfies in Happy Valley

Whether it’s with your selfie stick or the shaky thumb we all have when trying to press that camera button, taking selfies is truly, in every way, an art form.

Sometimes, it takes several tries to land the perfect picture, but what a lot of people don’t know is a major part to selfie-taking is the backdrop you choose.

With a beautiful garden behind you, array of Penn State football fans waving their hands around you, or the Nittany Lion Shrine sparkling beside you, this kind of selfie is bound to get those loves and likes.

Happy Valley, in this way, is the perfect selfie destination, given its many floral and nature sights, its Penn State pride and spirit, as well as its historic landmarks.

So, start practicing your best selfie-face and come on down to the following locations for that selfie even you will find yourself giving a “like” for.

There is no question that the Lion Shrine is the ultimate selfie destination at Penn State University -- but for good reason! The beautifully sculpted lion is made of Indiana limestone and represents the pride, love and Nittany spirit of the valley.

The Arboretum at Penn State is purely a gem. With flowers, trees, plants, ponds, sun clock, water fountains, bamboo and an overlook pavilion that has views even Greek Gods would want for Mount Olympus, the arboretum strives to be a place of beauty, renewal and growth. Snap that selfie near a gorgeous set of Astilbe chinensis flowers, or the lily-pads, fish and flowers in the ponds. Talk about picturesque and selfie-worthy!

The Hintz Family Alumni Center is such a valued sight of Penn State, being known as the “home away from home” for students and alumni. The center adjoins University House was designed for the university’s first president and has had 11 presidents reside there in years past. But the history isn’t the only reason it’s selfie-worthy. Outside the center, a crystal white gazebo, peaceful pond, freshly cut grass and the little cove with the archway offer a bountiful of photo-opps — watch yourself not even want to be in the selfie!

What’s the perfect selfie without buildings that represent the very essence of Penn State — buildings that date back to 1800s? Old Main was first completed in 1867; however, the building you’ll be taking your selfie in front of today was the model completed in 1930. Made of limestone quarried from the land right in front of Old Main, this stunning architecture is home to graduation pictures, spring smiles and family photos stretching for generations. Let the bells that ring every fifteen minutes be the soundtrack to your selfie, as you smile and take a pic on your date with history!

Roar into selfie season with the 2018 Penn State football season at Beaver Stadium! The blue and white pride through your smile and Penn State apparel is sure to spruce up your Instagram and Facebook posts. Wait for that white out or come on out to Blue-White Weekend April 21, 2018 to get a head start, and let the world know you’re a proud Nittany Lion! Let’s face it, the fans, the stadium and the football players are all ready to be featured behind your face — so snap that selfie, for the glory!

Right outside the Tavern Restaurant, there wait the Bronze Pigs to add to your photo stream. This bronze sculpture was built to commemorate the agricultural roots and history of State College, as well as an 1890s picture portraying a little pig searching for food on College Avenue. Tradition also holds that you rub the pigs’ snouts for luck, but first “let me take a selfie!”

With its many trails, boardwalks and breathtaking views, the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center is just waiting to be photographed. The fabulous foliage meets the enchanted wooden paths and can be the perfect setting for your spring selfie. Enjoy the peace and quiet in this hidden nature cove where you will fall in love with not only its selfie opportunity, but also its magical marshes and wetlands.

As we have already established, taking selfies is an art-form — a way to express the self-less beauty of where you are and who you are. The Palmer Museum of Art offers many selfie possibilities, even if it’s with the paws right outside. If you do happen to go in, though, you can take some beautiful pictures with the paintings, sculptures and nine rotating exhibits, within the 11 offered galleries. Eight of the 11 galleries at the Palmer Museum showcase art from the museum’s permanent collection that holds more than 8,200 objects. If you have a heart for art and want a selfie to prove it, this is the place. Happy selfie-ing!


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