Puppy Gallery: Caught by Pup-arazzi

(Editor's note: Several weeks ago, we asked readers of HappyValley.com to contribute photos of man's best friend. We received many submissions. Here is Part 2 of the best of the best.)

STATE COLLEGE — Having a bad day? Having a good day? About to go home and see your pupster? About to go home to a pet fish or pet rock, even, but always enjoy a good puppy photo?

Well, this is your lucky day!

We asked our Happy Valley community to send us pictures of their doggos— puppy love is something that keeps the homes in Happy Valley so happy.

Let’s celebrate and rejoice for our furry pets by taking a walk through the first round of photos that follow the theme of: Paparazzi at 2 o’ clock!

That’s right— us owners act like paparazzi sometimes, with no shame as to how we capture our pups.

What are the hysterical results?

1. Now these boys definitely called to have their photo taken beforehand. “This is just something we threw on!”

 2. “Don’t mind me — I’m just living my best life.”

3. “Trust me, I don’t get why I’m in here either.”

4. Now this pupster has no problem getting up close to the camera. What a stud!

5. “When will my husband return home from the war?”

6. It’s almost as if this pup doesn’t want to leave the car.

7. A day in the life!

8. “Were you there this whole time?”

9. Oh goodness.

10. One dog here clearly likes the other better…

11. “Maybe if I stay very still, with my tongue out and my eyes wide…they’ll go away."

12. “I don’t always lay on the couch like a human, but when I do, it’s with my PSU pillow pet.”

13. Look at that pose!

14. “I have this thing where I can touch my nose with my tongue."

15. It’s an aesthetic.

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