How to Beat the Winter Boredom

When the cold combines with the post-holiday blues, it's easy to let winter get you down. But in Happy Valley, there's no excuse to let boredom set in.

Try new spots! Snuggle on the ski lift! See some shows!

Here are some of the best things to do this winter in Happy Valley. If you don't have fun, you can't blame us.


Have Fun Indoors

Lace up your skates, visit one of the area museums, get a massage. It's fun to be inside sometimes on a snow day!


Date Night

Why not fight the winter boredom by trying some of the new restaurants you've been meaning to? We've got plenty of suggestions for the latest and greatest foods.


Complete Your Winter Bucket List

How many things from our official Happy Valley winter bucket list can you say that you've crossed off? There's still plenty of time to get the ones you're missing!


Tussey Mountain

You don't have to be a pro skiier (or anything close) to have a blast at Tussey. With tubing, snow boarding, and so many other options, we guarantee you're going to love it.


Good Old Fashioned Bowling

Bowling, drinks and great food never go out of style! Northland Bowl is a truly awesome time no matter your age, and it's the perfect winter activity.


See a Show

With some of the best indoor venues around, State College has fantastic concerts and shows of all kinds all year long.


Check out our full Winter FUN Guide!

For all the best of Winter Fun in Happy Valley, there's only one place to look: Here!


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