The Best-Kept Secrets of the Best Places to Eat Near Campus, as Shared by Our Facebook Friends

By Jeff Cavanaugh

There are countless reasons State College was named the top college town in the United States by – the Penn State Nittany Lions, the local wineries, the craft breweries, the downtown nightlife, the outdoor activities and hiking Mount Nittany. But when you consider the quality of restaurants here in Happy Valley, there’s no question that State College may also be the best culinary college town in the country.
We here at are always telling you our places to eat, so this time, we turned to our Facebook friends to find out your favorites places to eat in downtown State College. And they did not disappoint – almost every downtown restaurant was mentioned! Here is a look (in alphabetical order) at some of your favorite downtown restaurants and meals!

The All-American Rathskeller (108 South Pugh Street)
The Rathskeller, nothing better than a cold beer and Shrimp Pontrachain with the crawfish étouffée. – Aaron C.

Allen Street Grill (100 West College Avenue)
Maryland crab bisque and turkey applewood smoked bacon sandwich, [sitting] along the windows with my fabulous wife, Marcie. – Trevor M.

Hot turkey sandwich at the Allen Street Grill. – Rob C.

Baby’s Burgers and Shakes (131 South Garner Street)
Love their hot dogs! – Jennifer R.

My great food was a California cheeseburger and a milkshake! – Skip A.

Bill’s Pickle’s Tap Room (106 South Allen Street)
Pickles on Allen Street – French Onion Soup. – Wendy C.

The Corner Room (100 West College Avenue)
Love the Corner Room. Old-time atmosphere, great burgers and a comforting turkey dinner plate. – Jean D.

The turkey dinner at the Corner Room. It is real turkey with all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner year round! – Barbara N.

Can’t beat the Cheeseburger à la Corner at The Corner Room! – Jonathan D.

Cozy Thai Bistro (232 South Allen Street)
Cozy Thai wasn’t there when I was a student, but I love it now! Prik King with vegetable/tofu is so yummy! – Heather W.

Cozy Thai – Prik King Stir Fry!! – Freya C.

The Deli (113 Heister Street)
The Deli! We are even having our wedding rehearsal dinner there! My absolute favorite is three chips/ three dips and the apple and cheddar grilled cheese. Yum! – Jennifer K.

The Deli was the first and best place I had a Reuben! Yum! – Pat K.

It actually is The Deli. Next to my Dad, they make the best Reubens! – Suzanne W.

The Reuben from The Deli alongside fries and an IPA to wash it down. – Matthew D.

Local Whiskey (107 East Beaver Street)
Local Whiskey and their cheesesteak eggrolls with a tray of French fries. – Dale H.

Mad Mex (240 South Pugh Street)
Mad Mex! Nachos and margaritas! – Robin G.

Mad Mex Gobblerito! – Matthew D.
Rotelli State College (250 East Calder Way)
My family likes to go to Rotelli for the Vodka Sauce and pasta and the lobster stuffed ravioli. – Stacy O.

Spats Cafe & Speakeasy (142 East College Avenue)
Spats! Their Jambalaya is out of this world. And, of course, a pitcher of Sangria. – Mallory H.

Almond chicken at Spats! Delish! – Jenni K.

The Tavern (220 East College Avenue)
The Tavern and my favorite is their swordfish steak! – Nathanael J.

The Waffle Shop (364 East. College Avenue)
Nothing better than chocolate chip pancakes from The Waffle Shop. – Jenna G.

Waffle Shop! I get the ham and cheese omelette every weekend we visit. – Jason G.

Ye Olde College Diner (126 West College Avenue)
Whenever I am in Happy Valley, I like to dine at The Diner so I can have a BLT platter. Of course, don’t want to forget about the grilled stickies! – Michael M.

One of our favorites was always The Diner for grilled stickies. – Laura S.

Ye Olde College Diner... Usually breakfast and a sticky of course! – Paul R.

For dessert, grilled stickies à la mode from Ye Old College Diner and a coffee. – Matthew D.

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