50 Things to Be Thankful for in Happy Valley

It's easy to take for granted how many good things we have in our lives day to day.

This Thanksgiving, take a minute to remember how thankful you are to be a part of the Happy Valley community. Whether you live here, went to school here, or just like to visit, you are a part of a truly special place.

Here's a list of 50 things to be thankful for in Happy Valley.





  1. The mountains

  2. The nicest people you’ll ever meet

  3. Having all the best qualities of a city with a small town feel

  4. The diversity

  5. Penn State pride

  6. The local breweries, wineries and distilleries

  7. A huge selection of incredible restaurants that rival any city's

  8. Grilled Stickies

  9. The entrepreneurial ecosystem

  10. Weekend breakfasts at the Waffle Shop (and how quickly the line moves)

  11. "We Are"

  12. The best tailgates in the world

  13. Farmers’ markets

  14. Allen Street during the holidays

  15. Sunsets at The Arboretum

  16. The top-notch music scene and Arts culture (and getting to see even the most big-time shows)

  17. $1 Canyon Pizza in the middle of the night

  18. Creamery ice cream

  19. The largest student-run philanthropy in the world, THON

  20. Our bar traditions, like Gaffeoke, Table Wars, and 55 Days

  21. White Outs

  22. Trails for walking, running and biking everywhere you look

  23. Owning every $10 T-shirt from Family Clothesline

  24. Knowing the Blue Loop and White Loop will always have your back

  25. Unusually friendly squirrels

  26. A Spring football game that doubles as a full weekend of fun

  27. Pokey Stix

  28. Baby’s milkshakes

  29. A campus as beautiful as Penn State

  30. Streams, lakes and fishing spots of all sizes

  31. Festivals galore—4th Fest, Arts Fest, First Night,  Blue White, People's Choice, Fall festivals… the list goes on!

  32. An ideal environment to raise your kids

  33. The newfound Hockey Valley culture

  34. Our very own ski resort, Tussey Mountain

  35. Awesome local coffee shops

  36. Fall foliage

  37. Medlar Field

  38. The Diner's mac & cheese

  39. The breathtaking nature sites—Penn’s Cave, Shaver’s Creek, Lincoln Caverns, Raystown Lake, Mt. Nittany, Rothrock Forest, and so much more

  40. Endless local charities to support

  41. The BJC, The State Theatre, Eisenhower and Schwab, and other fantastic venues

  42. The giant pigs on Porter Road

  43. Tons of parks, pools, playgrounds and other outdoor recreation for kids

  44. The PA Military Museum

  45. Living among 42,000 of the brightest, most energetic minds

  46. The return of the Skeller’s case of ponies

  47. The Lion Shrine

  48. The resilience of Penn State Football (and the magic of a championship possibility again)

  49. The feeling of absolute “home” that never fades, no matter how long it's been since you've visited

  50. Forever belonging to one big, happy family


What are you thankful for? Send your responses to blake@happyvalley.com or tell us on Facebook or Twitter!


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