Happy Valley Hustle Podcast: Matt Swayne

Happy Valley has always been a place where ambitious ideas take shape. Each Friday, Bill Zimmerman highlights stories of entrepreneurs chasing hard after their dreams here in the shadow of Mount Nittany. This is the Happy Valley Hustle podcast.

Happy Valley Hustle Podcast

Matt Swayne -- Find Your Passion, Write A Book About It

From the Happy Valley Hustle Archives: The Happy Valley Hustle podcast kicks off with author Matt Swayne (www.mattswayne.com). Born on Halloween, Matt is drawn to the spooky. A research writer by trade, he's turned his passion for compiling ghost stories into book sales, speaking appearances and guest spots on some of the most notable paranormal podcasts.


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The Happy Valley Hustle podcast tells the stories of those who run their own businesses, launch side-hustles and make the digital age work for them. It’s a celebration of challenging the old ways of doing things and sharing insights gained from success and failure. New episodes arrive on the first and third Thursday of each month on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify.


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