Penn State proud: Where will Barkley land?

UNIVERSITY PARK – When it comes to talented running backs from Penn State, there are some great ones.

Cappelletti. Mitchell. Harris. Warner. Dozier. Carter. Enis.

And while success in the Blue and White hasn’t always translated to success in the NFL, it’s a safe bet that running back Saquon Barkley will be a stud on Sundays in the NFL.

When he hears his name called early in the evening on Thursday, April 26, the NFL may do something it hasn’t done in quite some time.

The last time NFL teams selected a running back in the top five picks of the NFL Draft for three consecutive years was 1999-2001. Those seasons, Edgerrin James went to the Indianapolis Colts, Jamal Lewis was selected by the Baltimore Ravens and LaDainian Tomlinson went to then-San Diego Chargers.

Barkley, of course, will likely go in the top five. He would follow Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys) in 2016 and Leonard Fournette (Jacksonville Jaguars) in 2017. That would mark the first three-year streak for top five running backs in 17 years.

The Cleveland Browns own the No. 1 overall pick and could take Barkley. However, the Browns desperately need a quarterback. They seem infatuated with USC QB Sam Darnold. If they don’t take Barkley at No. 1, look for the New York Giants to grab him at No. 2. If the Giants opt for a quarterback, Barkley could slide to No. 4, where the Browns are picking again.

Either way, it doesn’t look like Barkley will escape the Top 5. It will be a shock if he does.

Where do you think Barkley is headed? Let us know on social media (@happyvalleypsu).

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