Homecoming meets sustainability

HOPE is Penn State Homecoming's recycling effort in which the competing organizations can bring in 30-gallon aluminum cans for points throughout the year. Through HOPE they look to provide alternative waste disposal. HOPE has been one of the most direct ways of implementing sustainability with organizations, and helps to ensure as much waste as possible is diverted from landfills while helping to create sustainable habits in our community organizations.

As an organization, Homecoming has worked with Penn State Office of the Physical Plant (OPP) and reviewed all supplies used at its events and analyzed each based on disposability. As of now, some waste produced is either recyclable or compostable but most is still trash. Throughout the five-year sustainability plan, products will be replaced with sustainable alternatives. OPPerations and Distribution Management will work closely with our current supplier to find sustainable alternatives or find new suppliers who can better accommodate our sustainable needs.

The goal of the Homecoming Sustainability Education program is to educate all committees and organizations participating in Homecoming on the importance of sustainable practices and how they can be more sustainable in their everyday lives. Through a partnership with the Penn State Sustainability Institute, Homecoming Committees and organizations are being educated on how they can stay involved in a more sustainable university as well as in their home communities.

You can do your part at all Penn State Homecoming events by properly recycling your trash and doing your part to create a better planet for all future lions!

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