Barkley's Best: Top 10 from the 2017 season

UNIVERSITY PARK – Saquon Barkley is one of the best players to ever wear the Blue and White. His 2017 season had some great and entertaining plays. These are the best of them.

10. Run away from his shadow

This simple angle route out of the backfield gave the Nittany Lions a lead that Pitt couldn’t come back from. Barkley caught this pass with all the room in the world in front of him and all he had to do was get away from the guy behind him. Using your opponent's shadow is a unique way of avoiding a pursuer.

9. And he can pass!

Like a scene straight out of the "Friday Night Lights" movie, Barkley hit Daesean Hamilton with a perfect jump-pass for a score. No one was expecting Joe Moorhead to test out the arm of the stud running back, but it worked out just like it was drawn up.

8. Juggling Touchdown

This wasn’t the first receiving touchdown of Barkley’s career, but it was the sketchiest. The 110,000-plus fans sucked the air out of Beaver Stadium with gasps, but roared loudly when Barkley secured the ball.

7. One-Handed Grab vs. Indiana

The pass from Trace McSorley was a little bit high on this one but that didn’t stop Barkley from making a highlight out of it. The best part of this play is how quickly Barkley goes from standing still to full speed.

6. Ohio State Opening Kickoff Return

Starting off the biggest game of the season by taking the opening kickoff back for a touchdown is such perfect way to describe Barkley’s career. When a big play needed to be made, it was Barkley who did it. This kickoff silenced the crowd at The Horseshoe right out of the gate.

5. Catch and Run vs. Georgia State

A check down pass to the running back is usually an admission of  defeat on the play but once again this isn’t the case when the running back is Saquon Barkley. This 85-yard catch and run was a straight line with a little wiggle to make a guy miss in the middle.

4. The entire game against Iowa

This was the game that got the Barkley Heisman hype train going. Every time Barkley touched the ball in this game he made something special happen but a few plays stand out more than others. The hurdle, the run along the sideline where he managed to keep his feet in bounds and his knee off of the ground, all while making Iowa defenders miss left and right.

3. Indiana Opening Kickoff Return

Up until this game there had been many Nittany Lion fans wondering why the star running back was returning kickoffs. Many thought it was a surefire way to get him hurt. This kickoff return to start the fourth game of the season silenced critics quickly.

2. The Fiesta Bowl Run

The last game of a storied career and another great run to go with it. Barkley took an inside zone run, made a guy miss, and then was off to the races. 92 yards later Barkley found the end zone for his 43rd and final rushing touchdown.

1. Direct Snap vs. Michigan

The second snap of the biggest home game of the year and Barkley took one to the house. The quirky play that had Barkley taking the snap left Michigan a little confused. Barkley used that to his advantage.



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