Astonishing Shots of PSU Football Back to 1890

Throwback Thursday!

Following last weekend's historic win, what better time is there to dig up Penn State Football's incredible history? Take a look at these super cool (and sometimes shocking) photos of vintage Penn State Football all the way back to 1890.


Photos from Penn State Historic Photo Archive.








Penn State fans have always known how to storm a field. In this 1967 game, fans stormed the field after Penn State upset No. 3 North Carolina State with a last-minute, fourth-down tackle. It was the game that would push Joe Paterno and his Nittany Lions into national recognition.


This photo from around 1900 shows a game on the original Beaver Field, which sat 500 and is now occupied by the Kern Building. Before Beaver Field was built in 1893, games took place on Old Main lawn.


The stands of the old Beaver Field.


The newly improved Beaver Field on October 25, 1924. The field was used until Beaver Stadium was built in 1960. Visible in the photo (L-R): Old Main, Schwab Auditorium, Carnegie Building, the Armory, and Irvin Hall.


The Penn State football team sits on wooden bleachers in 1930. Believe it or not, these were their real uniforms.


This was the football team in 1890. Penn State was still called “Pennsylvania State College.”


Coach Hugo Bezdek shakes hands with the Nittany Lion mascot in the 1920s. The Lion sure has come a long way…


Here’s what the Nittany Lion looked like in the early 1940s. Bob Ritzmann is under the suit in this photo.


Penn State players give PA Governor Raymond P. Shafer a victory shower after their 1970 Orange Bowl win.


The Beaver Stadium we know and love has gone through several expansions in its time. This shot shows the expansion of 1978, which raised the stands and enclosed the south end zone, increasing the seating capacity to 76,639.


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