Countdown to Blue White

Positional Battles to Watch!

Another week down means we're that much closer to Blue White weekend. There will be a number of positional battles to watch in the coming weeks during spring practice, with the quarterback battle being the most important and attractive. However, the Lions will have to shore up a number of holes on its defense, starting with the ever-important defensive line.


Candidates to replace the NFL bound trio of Austin Johnson, Anthony Zettel, and Carl Nassib will duke it out this spring in an effort to gain an upper hand. Players expected to take hold of the vacancies include the hard-hitting Torrence Brown, who's made the most of limited opportunities. The sophomore defensive end figures to assume the role of premier pass rusher in 2016, and with a starting gig, his numbers could skyrocket. His highlight of the 2015 season came when he broke into the backfield and knocked Michigan quarterback Jake Rudock back to Ann Arbor.

Alongside him should be Parker Cothren and Antoine White -- a junior-sophomore combination that might not replicate the success of Zettel and Johnson right away, but would bolster the unit's presence against the run. Both defenders are stout and strong like an ox, which opens up a world of possibilities in terms of eating blockers to create lanes on the blitz.

Note that true freshman Shane Simmons could see the field early, but wether or not he's redshirted remains to be seen as fans will have to wait until he arrives in the summer. Regardless of who steps up, the trenches are in good hands for Penn State.


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