Here’s more good news. Rainy days, much like Mondays, don’t have to get us down! In fact, they’re the perfect excuse to enjoy indoor activities without feeling like a weather-waster (n. – One who fails to maximize the narrow window of blissfully sun-soaked days).

A suboptimal forecast might be the perfect opportunity to check out what’s on display at the Bellefonte Art Museum. They’re open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and are currently displaying the work of several local artists in addition to permanent fixtures like the Underground Railroad exhibit. And, hey, if you’re already in the neighborhood, might as well stop into Dam Donuts for a confection – I strongly suggest giving maple bacon a try. Fellow Bellefonte newcomer Courthouse Crepes is open for business, and the décor (much like the menu) is awfully inviting!

Strolling through the Palmer Museum of Art is another rainy day well spent, campus edition. Current exhibitions include American Art in the Shadow of World War I, along with terrific prints from Jules Heller, who chaired the first Arts Festival planning committee 50 years ago! Art, history, and tradition all under one roof, all at no cost to you. Make sure you bring a Penn State poncho on this trip, because after an educational walk-through, the Creamery will surely beckon.

Of course, no rainy day to-do list is complete without mentioning the classic fall-back: check the movie listings! I’m admittedly no lover of cinema, but I’ll always make an exception for Matt Damon. I keep a list of “would see” flicks on hand for whenever a dreary day rolls around.

For a less traditional movie going experience, check out the State Theatre’s Monday Movie Series (bonus: this concession stand serves adult beverages) or free family-friendly films on Wednesday afternoons for the Read It, Watch It series.

Next up? You guessed it – Northland Bowl. Stay dry while you shoot some pool, knock down some pins (or don’t), and lose a bunch of quarters in the claw machine. They offer tempting specials daily on games and grub.

If you want to go a different direction, pay a visit to the Organic Garden Center, which opened recently on Elmwood Street. (Naturally you’ll want swing by Café Lemont first for an all-organic pick-me-up.) They’ll help you learn how to “Grow Your Own” as you shop around for indoor and outdoor gardening supplies and equipment. And maybe you’ll cultivate a newfound appreciation for the rain that will render future downpours warmly welcomed – or at least bearable.

Slip on those galoshes and watch out for earthworms, because fun takes no rain checks in Happy Valley!

Sound off! What's your favorite go-to rainy day fun here in Happy Valley? Tell us!

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