Where are the best bites around Happy Valley?

STATE COLLEGE – Ask anyone what their prime motivation for the day is. Some might tell you it’s seeing their family at the end of a long day. Others might tell you it’s watching an episode of “The Office.”

However, a majority, including yourself, might tell you, “food.”

We all make incentives out of some good food and tasty meals.

“One more email and then lunch,” or “Two more hours until it’s normal to get dinner.”

It’s important to enjoy a much-deserved, delicious treat for our hard work, especially on days that feel to last for ages.

But there’s nothing wrong with that!

Not here in Happy Valley where good food is as bountiful as leaves in autumn.

So without further ado, here is a following list of the best bites around Happy Valley.

Be careful, though. Once you know what they are, you can’t un-know.

Knowledge, here, is spell-binding.


Breakfast at The Waffle Shop

Delicious waffles, pancakes, salads, omelets, yogurt, muffins … The Waffle Shop has it all! In 1966, John Dimakopoulos moved from Greece and opened up a restaurant where fantastic food at even better prices make for an unforgettable experience. For 40 years now, Dimakopoulos has been serving his customers “fresh, fast and fun every day.” 

The Corner Room's handhelds

The Corner Room opened the same year Penn State did, therefore paralleling in its history and legacy as State College staples. The Corner Room’s handhelds range from triple deckers, Philly cheesesteaks, grilled cheese and tuna melts. So many options and all for less than $10! 

Grilled stickies

Hungry? Thought so. Brew up some tea or pour some milk, but more importantly, go out and get Ye Old College Diner Grilled Stickies. These grilled sticky buns are made fresh daily at the College Diner and are in every way undeniably delicious. Soft and warm, stickies are available in multiple locations including the Creamery, McLanahan’s and Ye Old College Diner itself.

Berkey Creamery ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Berkey ice cream! That’s a cheesy line, but Berkey Creamery incidentally produces and sells delicious cheeses, too. The Berkey Creamery has a plethora of flavors ranging from Death by Chocolate to Alumni Swirl. This creamery is also the largest university creamery in the United States, doling out around 750,000 scoops a year. Share the blue and white glory in the sweetest possible way – by drinking a milkshake or scooping out creamy, cold and mouthwatering goodness.

Beaver Stadium's chicken strip basket

Don’t chicken out of this tasty treat. The Penn State football season is arguably the best time of year, as families, alumni, students and fans all come together to support the nationally-ranked Nittany Lions. The tailgates feature some home delights, but the football games are home to the wonderful chicken strip baskets that make the game all the more special. If you are craving one, you’ll have to wait until the Blue-White Game on Saturday, April 21. 

Photo credit: Tinnina Atherton-Ely

The Field's burgers

The Lancaster Burger satisfies any hearty appetite. Meat worth the eat, this burger is made with sirloin, chuck, brisket, short rib and bacon. Of course, the burger also includes fried egg, greens, tomato and mayo. And this is just one burger. That’s not even listing the Field Burger, the Black and Smoky Blue, the Bonfire, the Grind and the Herbivore, to name just a few. Each has its own special taste and ingredients whether it’s the Herbivore’s house-made black bean or the Hunter’s sautéed mushrooms. Dig in! 

Peace, Love and Little Donuts

Homemade and dipped in goodness right on the spot, Peace, Love and Little Donuts caters to your dessert and pastry needs. Donut overlook this place of donut delight, where you can choose a far out frosting like lemon, mocha, vanilla, or maple, a groovy topping like Saigon cinnamon, ginger sugar or glazed, or famous specials like s’mores, salted chocolate and Boston cream pie. These bites just feel so right— what are you waiting for?


Cafe Verve vegan menu

Recently celebrating their one year anniversary, Café Verve is just full of healthy and yet fabulous best bites. The Mac N Cheeze fries have vegan parm and avocado, the All-American Burger has a veggie burger with a Kaiser bun, the Great Garbanzo has chickpea salad and the drinks include delicious 100 percent fruit smoothies.


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