3. Actually go inside of the Hub. (Generally a scary place, but you’ll probably emerge unscathed over the summer.)

4. Make friends with a squirrel – they’re probably feeling lonely (read: hungry).

5. Hit the Arboretum.

6. Get your passport stamped at Zeno’s.

7. Frequent Spikes games for all your spectating needs.

8. Visit Champs on a Tuesday. One word: Bullfight.

9. Find a parking spot on College Avenue.

10. Find a better parking spot on College Avenue.

11. Stay current on the progress of the Fraser Centre construction.

12. Grab a burrito at Chipotle.

13. Or finally try out Primanti Bros’ downtown location in relative peace (and reminisce about the G-Man days).

14. Explore the stacks in Pattee.

15. Visit the Creamery again and find a new favorite flavor.

16. Take a walking tour of campus and snap photos by all your favorite landmarks without fear of being mauled by a late-to-class freshman.

17. Spend an afternoon at the McCoy Natatorium. Catch rays, swim laps, and take a 10 meter plunge.

18. Walk (or bike) across the IST Bridge.

19. Hike Mt. Nittany. Duh.

20. Hang out at Otto’s – get your local music fix and take a growler home.

21. Enjoy the annual artfully exhibited curb furniture and go shopping for a three-legged chair or beer-stained futon.

22. Stop by the State Theatre on Wednesdays for free Read It, Watch It flicks.

23. Take a stroller down College Avenue.

24. Do some leisurely shopping at the Locust Lane farmers’ market on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

25. Have lunch al fresco at Café 210.

26. Take your kids downtown on a weekend without (as much) fear of expanding their vocabulary.

27. Stroll through the Palmer Museum.

28. Join the masses for Trash to Treasure at Beaver Stadium – because come June 4, you’ll be missing the claustrophobic chaos just a smidge.

29. Lounge on the Old Main lawn.

30. Stock up on gear at the SBS.

31. Give directions to panicked summer session kids sporting lanyards and fondly recall your first days in Happy Valley.

 By Melissa Bradley

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