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Accommodations (STAY)

We list accommodations that offer multiple rooms/units at one specific address and can accommodate more than one party of guests at a time.

The accommodation must have an official name and address and offer daily onsite management.

To be listed in a particular accommodation category, our editors need to verify that the accommodation either:

Meets the HappyValley guidelines in that category as listed here, which means that we would need to see those services listed on the accommodation’s website or a partner’s website, such as a tourist board or reservations partner.


Is licensed specifically as that type of accommodation by either the local tourism board or governmental officials.

To be in the “Hotels” or "Motels" tab, the accommodation must offer all four of the following features:

  • A front desk opened and staffed 24/7.
  • Daily housekeeping included in the room rate.
  • Private bathroom for each unit.
  • If there is a minimum-stay requirement, it must be no more than 3 nights.

To be in the “Bed & Breakfasts” tab, the accommodation must have:

  • Onsite staff daily.
  • Daily housekeeping included in the room rate.

Requirements for the “Hostels” tab include:

  • The accommodation must have onsite staff daily.
  • Any accommodation that offers shared (dorm-style) rooms will be considered a hostel, and will be listed in “Hostels”.

“Vacation Rentals” include:

  • Private vacation homes, villas, or units (apartments, condos) that are available to one party/group of travelers at one time for exclusive use.
  • Accommodations where homes/units are at different addresses, even if they are owned/managed by one company.
  • Accommodations without full time staff onsite at the same location with the guest accommodations.

Attractions (PLAY)

We list permanent places of interest to tourists. 

The attraction must have an official name, address, and published telephone number. It must be open/available to customers on a regularly scheduled basis. Pre-determined hours or departure times must be published on an official website or in a printed brochure.

If the attraction is not in a fixed place (e.g., tour or cruise), then scheduled departure times, place of departure and destinations (if applicable) must be provided on the website or in the brochure. We list companies that offer day tours or day cruises.

Tour companies that offer private tours may qualify for a listing if:

  • The company offers day tours (not overnight or multi-day).
  • The company is licensed/recognized by local city or tourism officials.
  • The company has a website.
  • The word “Private” appears in the listing name.

Restaurants (EAT)

We list restaurants that are open to the general public. For chains we list each location as an individual restaurant.


Features of listings on HappyValley

Feature Detail Mobile
Photo You can attach a photo of your business when creating the business listing  
Description You can include a desciption of your business. the description is limited to 40 words or 240 charaters.  
Hours You list he hours of operation for your business YES
Address You can input your business's address and a google map will display the location on your business listing page YES
Phone You can input your businesses phone number YES
Website You can input your businesses web address and A link to your site will appear in the business listing YES


Items marked "YES" in the mobile column will appear in both desktop and mobile versions of the site.


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