Is Happy Valley Right for Your Destination Wedding?

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time! As a Penn State grad, returning to Happy Valley may provide the dream wedding you never knew you needed and here are three reasons why! 

1. Celebrating the Origin of Your Love

If you're marrying your college sweetheart, getting married where you met is a must for a romantic wedding. Invite all your friends and family while you all bask in the collective nostalgia. Before the wedding, take a stroll around campus and remember all the memories you’ve shared as a couple. You can also get your college friends together for one more fun night! 

2. The Incredible Venues

Happy Valley has some of the most incredible wedding venues in the state. These venues are definitely worth considering when planning your wedding. Have you or your significant other ever considered getting married at a resort? It sounds expensive, but this is a feasible possibility in your college town. The Toftrees Resort  is a gorgeous getaway, with plenty of rooms and excellent service. It's a great option for a peaceful wedding.
Want a relaxing day for your bridal party while you're in town? The Carnegie Inn and Spa is perfect for a girls' day out. Tucked away, this inn is a secret paradise, and they have an immensely relaxing spa perfect for getting ready before your big day! 

3. The Familiarity of it All

Planning a wedding at an exotic location is a daunting task, so why not have your wedding somewhere you're familiar with? If your family ever visited you in college, they will also be familiar with the area and it will make everything easier on everyone. You also might know some of the best places to have the wedding or the reception already, and some of your old friends may already live in town. Happy Valley might not be the first destination you think of when sitting down to plan your wedding, but it's certainly a smart option!
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