Who Will Play Beaver Stadium’s First Concert Ever?

Penn State made a massive announcement last Saturday night before the Ohio State game: that Beaver Stadium will host its first concert ever on July 8, 2017.

There have been whispers of it happening for some time—as many stadiums have begun to double as concert venues for years—but it was always a mystery whether or not the university would pull that plug. Now, it’s officially on.

The catch? Well, we don’t know yet what that concert will be.

Penn State will be announcing the name of the performer at this weekend's home game against Iowa, November 5. But for now, we have to bite our nails and wait... and, of course, speculate.


We’ve come up with some possibilities of who could make history with the first Beaver Stadium concert ever. Read on and tell us what you think.


Lady Gaga
She just released a new album, so it’s only logical that she will probably be touring soon. Plus, the last time she was supposed to perform here (at the BJC in 2013), she had to cancel due to a hip injury. Will she make a long-awaited comeback to Happy Valley?


Bruce Springsteen
The boss has been to State College several times in recent years, and he’s always a favorite here. What better way to christen Beaver Stadium as a concert venue than with a rock legend?


Tom Petty
Speaking of rock legends, Tom Petty said in an interview in June that he hopes to release an expanded edition of his 1995 album Wildflowers in 2017, and then take it on the road. Could he be announcing tour dates soon?


Garth Brooks
Switching gears to Country... Garth sold out a whopping six shows at the BJC last year and received rave reviews from fans, so selling out Beaver Stadium would be right up his alley.


Kenny Chesney
His concerts are a huge hit every summer; he has played Heinz Field for several summers, and it’s become a very popular, all-day extravaganza. It’s definitely plausible for him to bring that energy here.


Bon Jovi
Not all bands are huge enough to play a venue the size of Beaver Stadium, but Bon Jovi is one of them. They’re touring in spring 2017, and could announce more dates to extend the tour into the summer.


Who do you think will be Beaver Stadium's first performer ever? Tweet to us at @HappyValleyPSU and let us know!


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