Veronica Swift brings her jazzy lifestyle to State College

For Veronica Swift, jazz music was both a way of life and a birthright. She didn't casually become interested in the genre, rather she was born into it thanks to her world-renowned jazz musician parents.

“It wasn't a choice or a passion, but purely a lifestyle,” she explained.

That lifestyle, living life on the road and meeting some of the most talented musicians the world has to offer made Swift into who she is today: a skilled, enchanting jazz performer.

Lucky for you, Swift’s musical gifts are coming to Schwab Auditorium on Thursday, September 20. As the Center for Performing Art’s season opener, Swift’s performance with The Emmet Cohen Trio is something you do not want to miss.

While the 24-year old singer has been recognized as one of the top young jazz artists on the scene, she’s been actively involved in the industry for over a decade, working hard for the success she has found.

“Most people look at me and think ‘fast track, sky-rocketing career,’ whereas the reality is I have been working on this career since age nine when I started professionally recording and touring at numerous jazz clubs and festivals around the country,” Swift said. “I still feel as though I am a student, looking up to the masters and listening to their message, constantly being inspired.”

Although Swift regularly performs at jazz clubs in New York City and across the country, she is excited to share her talents with the people of Penn State.

“I am always excited to perform in venues that differ from jazz clubs.  For me, it’s of paramount importance because this allows me to bring the music I love to a wider and deeper audience dynamic.”

For Swift, jazz music is about inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves—something she hopes to accomplish through her Penn State performance, especially since her cousin is a Penn State graduate.

So, what can you expect from Swift’s show? You’ll hear new music from her upcoming album and her jazzy take on songs from various movies and musicals as she mirrors the sounds of the golden age.

“We want to hype new audiences and give them a little taste of what they'll be hearing on the record,” she said.

Swift, who has been captivating audiences for years, reminisced on her favorite performance memories from childhood.

“My first major performance was at the Telluride Jazz Festival in 2005. I sang Cloudburst and got a standing ovation from the crowd,” she said. “When I was about 10, I went to go hear my idol Annie Ross, and she asked me to come up and sing. I performed Twisted for her and we've been friends ever since.”

Whether you are an avid jazz fan or just looking to enjoy pure musical talent, let Swift put you in a beautiful, jazzy trance this September.

To purchase tickets and to learn more about the event, click here. The 2018-2019 Center for Performing Arts season only kicks off once, so be sure to celebrate the occasion by watching and listening to Swift kick off the season with true style!

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