Top places for Easter brunch in Happy Valley

STATE COLLEGE — Some people eat dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner and some simply argue lunch is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

In this way, brunch can get shoved under the table — literally and metaphorically — when it comes to people’s favorite meal of the day.

Yet, brunch has the beauty of combining breakfast and lunch: a two-in-one meal and deal.

Happy Valley consists of numerous restaurants and cafés that offer mouthwatering brunches that will make that “favorite meal” conversation of yours lean towards the underestimated late morning bite.

With Easter a little less than a month away, check out these following locations for an Easter brunch that brings the family together on a Happy Valley Sunday.

The Nittany Lion Inn

200 W. Park Ave., State College

The Nittany Lion Inn offers an exclusive Sunday brunch, on top of wonderful overnight stays and service. From 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., brunch options include carving and omelet stations, fresh smoked salmon, waffles and other breakfast favorites. This Dining Room tradition is a great way to spend the Easter tradition. Eat some tasty eggs cooked however you like before having the kids go on the traditional egg hunts in Happy Valley! 

Allen Street Grill

100 W. College Ave., State College

The Allen Street Grill overlooks downtown State College and the gates of Penn State and its famous Mall. Located on the second floor, the view is arguably as good as the food. Take your family for a nice Easter brunch in a restaurant where history is engraved in the walls built in 1855, the same year Penn State University welcomed its students for the first time. With signature soups and salads that include Greek salad and Maryland Lobster Bisque, specialty sandwiches that include both the grilled cheese supreme and the turkey bacon grill, as well as to-die-for pizzas, the Allen Street Grill has it all.

Harrison’s Wine & Grill

1221 E. College Ave., Stage College

Harrison’s Wine & Grill creates new feature menus every month to keep the atmosphere new, original and passionately innovative. Starting April 1, the day of Easter, the menu will feature Parisian style foods. Who doesn’t love Paris in the Springtime? Enjoy a brunch full of fresh foods and options like Salade au Chèvre Chaud, Saumon à la Ricotta et Épinards and Crème Brûlée. We have a hunch you’ll like this Parisian brunch, so dig in and Bon Appetit!

The Waffle Shop

364 E. College Ave., State College

You want options? The Waffle Shop has options. Perhaps you want your brunch to be more of a breakfast? Pick from the plethora of waffle choices: Belgian, Chocolate Chip, Georgia Pecan, Blueberry, Banana-Nut, Strawberry and Cinnamon-Apple. Pancakes offer even more variations, stretching between Silver Dollar pancakes and Pigs-in-Blankets pancakes. The shop offers “eggseptional platters” and “awesome omelets” for anyone egging onto eating eggs benedict or a Sunrise Country omelet, in instance. But maybe you want your brunch to be more of a lunch. Well, have fun trying to decide what salad, sandwich, burger, or chicken-favorite you feel will make your meal the best deal, of all.

Sowers Harvest Café

421 E. Beaver Ave., State College

You can’t go wrong with the Sowers Harbest Café when it comes to choosing a brunch destination in State College. With an array of hot drinks, 100% Fruit smoothies and cold drinks, the food almost seems to go to the back-burner. But once you’re done sipping that cocoa dusted mint latté, you can plunge into that breakfast of omelets, French toast, or specialty breakfast sandwiches. Omelets range from Veggie Pesto to Hawaiian and the breakfast sandwiches come in either chipotle bacon egg, pesto-port egg or classic egg. Yogurt parfaits are also available! As for the lunch side to brunch — the “unch,” as some might say — enjoy Sowers’ fresh salads, paninis and grillatillas like the Maui BBQ chicken or the Apple Cheddar Turkey. Oh, and make sure to check out the handmade soft pretzels!


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