Puppy Gallery: The Aw Factor

(Editor's note: Several weeks ago, we asked readers of HappyValley.com to submit their best photos of man's best friend. We received plenty of submissions. Here are some of the best of the best.)

STATE COLLEGE — Normally, when humans sleep, the pictures taken of them don’t always come out too great. Our mouths are hanging open, Mr. Double Chin is always making an appearance and our hair is just…well, let’s not talk about it.

Or god forbid humans feel tired. We don’t look cute! Our eyes turn red and squinty and our yawns sound like geese stepping on legos.

But puppies? Dogs? They’re a whole other story!

The following gallery was made by pictures sent to us right from Happy Valley followers.

And they have one major theme in common: the Aw Factor of puppies in their REM stage of sleep or about to get there!


  1. How can you not melt into those beautiful puppy eyes?

2. One is in deep sleep and the other seems to be trying so hard to get there.

3. What a candid photo!

4. “Yeah so I just woke up. I’m probably going to be a bit grumpy.”

5. Who needs pillows when you got stuffed animals?

6. “Let me just think about every question I have for life before I fall asleep tonight”

7. Now these two make the perfect cuddle buddies!

8. That’s what I call a King size dog bed!

9. A sleepy beauty!

10. Dim lighting, comfy armchair and a headrest…what more is there?

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