Plenty of options for celebrating St. Patrick's Day

STATE COLLEGE – You don’t need a shamrock or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to have a grand ol’ time this St. Patrick’s Day.

Here in Happy Valley, restaurants and bars stay open on this lucky holiday, catering to every leprechaun’s need in both the foods and drinks department.

That’s right — we’re in Lucky Valley.

On such a rich day like St. Patrick’s Day, it’s important to spend time with friends and family, toasting to good fortune and health, to good deals at superb locations.

So, in the evergreen, verdant spirit that embodies the very St. Patrick’s Day, here is a list of the top five destinations to visit on, before and after, March 17.

Phyrst Bar

111 E. Beaver Ave.

Phyrst thing’s Phyrst. Check the top of this bar’s website to see the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day — Phyrst is ready to celebrate! Enjoy Phyrst’s St. Paddy’s day specials including the $5 Irish trash cans, $4 Jameson shots, $4 Jager shots, the $3 Not Your Father’s Root Beer and the $5 Jameson Mule. that doesn’t get your four-leaf clovers all excited, then maybe the “½ off on everything” from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. will.  Phyrst’s Bar late night menu includes the Beaver Burger, the Chicago Dog, Stanley’s Wonder Wings and Ernie’s Famous Cheesesteaks. Music, food and the green glow of Phyrst’s bar theme is sure to be a great home for you this St. Patrick’s Day.

P.J. Harrigan’s Bar & Grill

1450 S. Atherton St.

P.J. Harrigan’s knows how to deliver delicious dinners as well as a killer wine list. Start with an appetizer of chicken wings, potstickers, fried zucchini and avocado, or buffalo shrimp. Head on over to a pub salad or a BLT salad with egg only to land in the sea of options for entrées. Choose between oven pizzas, tasty sandwiches like the Italian Hoagie or the Fish Tacos, burgers like the All American or the Smoked Brisket, or go for a seafood deal of Maryland Crab Cake or Cornmeal Crusted Catfish. So much to choose from! And if you’re whining for wine, order a glass of white, blush or red wine that can readily be served by the bottle.

Local Whiskey

107 E. Beaver Ave.

Some might bet you three thousand shamrocks that you’ve never seen a whiskey list quite so long. Local Whiskey’s bar name might give it away, but they truly do specialize in some of the best whiskey in town, ranging from different flavors in rye, oat, or bourbon. Since you’re probably planning on staying a little late, why don’t you order something off the late night menu? Maybe go for a hot tomato soup, or French onion for your appetizer? Perhaps a McChick Filet, BBQ Pulled Pork, or JJ Rupp for a sandwich? And how can you leave the night without something sweet? Order up some crème brûlée, chocolate mousse, or a hot fudge Sundae this Sunday!

Otto’s Pub & Brewery

2235 N. Atherton St.

Doors open at 7 a.m. this St. Patrick’s Day at Otto’s! You can definitely count on Otto’s for this year’s lusciously green holiday, as they have prepared quite the treat. Catered to your St. Paddy’s appetite, Otto’s special features will include vegan chili, beer-infused chili, fried mac n cheese, creole crab dip and house smoked chicken thighs, just to name a few. All throughout the day, the pub will be offering live music starting at 8 a.m. Listen to your favorite St. Paddy’s Day songs from Scott Mangene, your most preferred jigs and reels consisting of Bluegrass tunes from Smash the Windows, pre-war blues by great guitarist, Gene Gibson, soulful harmonies from Pure Cane Sugar and to top the night off, Irish and Scottish music played traditional-style from Callanish. Oh, and did we mention that Otto’s beer choices are in every way exquisite and St. Patrick’s Day worthy? Well, now you know. 

Liberty Crafthouse

346 E. College Ave.

Want an experience both authentic and real? Then you want Liberty Crafthouse. This St. Paddy’s Day, enjoy a craft house that is derived from passion, knowledge, skill and small-batch artisan goods — Liberty Crafthouse pays attention to detail to each item on their menu, including the cocktails, the spirits, the wine, the cider, the coffee, the ales and lagers, all on top of the food! Try their delicious cheeses, their mouthwatering meets and charcuterie, their unforgettable casseroles including the Irish staple: Shepherd’s Pie. Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day in style and in craft — make this a night to remember at Liberty Crafthouse.

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