Never get stuck in traffic again with these tips

Don’t you feel like construction and roadwork is happening everywhere these days? It feels as though not a day goes by without passing by a construction site or crew working on the side of the road. And, as you know, Happy Valley is no exception.

Whether you are driving to move your child into his or her new dorm, coming back for a football game or taking a quick vacation to the area, you want your travels to go as smoothly as possible. That’s where we come in! No matter where you are traveling from, we’ve got the scoop on roadwork happening all over.

So, are you traveling from…

The Northeast?

If you are coming from the northeast, you may run into some roadwork on I-99 S right before the Penn State exit because a cable median barrier is being installed. The project hasn’t officially started, but still drive with caution. You never know when PennDOT will send a crew to begin the project! Other than that, your ride into Happy Valley should be fairly smooth. Just watch for policeman and pay attention to the speed limit! The road is 55 mph, and policemen are always camped out making sure everyone is abiding by these rules.

The Northwest?

The Mount Nittany Expressway is being resurfaced, leaving the road down to one lane all summer. This should be done by late September so fingers crossed it doesn’t run too late into the football season!

The Southwest?

From the outskirts of Altoona to the Centre County line, expect to run into roadwork on I-99 N. Road crews are performing a variety of preservation, restoration and maintenance services to the highway. Services like guiderail and drainage updates, tree trimming, repaving—basically, be alert of the road because there is going to be a lot of action. Most of the projects have estimated completion dates of November 2018, so keep this in mind when you are driving up for those September and October game days!

The Southeast?

As soon as you enter Centre County, you will come across a couple strips of construction on US-322. Road crews are actually relocating the four-lane roadway. Cool, right? Well, the project won’t be completed until 2021, so for the next three years you can expect delays, lane changes and orange cones galore. After you make it through those few miles, you’ll hit another set of construction. Workers are resurfacing the roads, so you can expect some delays, especially on busy weekends.

While you may think you are safe from roadwork once you make it to State College, that is, unfortunately, not the case. Even within borough limits, you still face construction. Here’s what we know:

Easterly Parkway

Easterly Parkway, between South Garner Street to South Pugh Street, has been closed since June.

If you forget, follow the detours posted around the area. This shouldn’t cause too much traffic, just be aware of the alternate route.

North Atherton Street

What would State College be without North Atherton Street? Home to grocery stores, shops, restaurants—everyone has to drive on the road at some point. But, heavy construction has taken over the road, and it won’t be stopping any time soon. From Park Avenue to Aaron Drive, expect delays, lane adjustments and traffic controllers. So, if you are heading to Wegmans to pick up your tailgate treats or Target for some last-minute dorm essentials, you will want to allot some extra minutes for congested traffic.

South Pugh Street

Between East Irvin Avenue and East Fairmount Avenue, Borough crews are repairing sidewalks and curbs on South Pugh Street. Although that project will be completed soon, travel restrictions will still be in place through September because of a water main replacement project.

Stay up to date on all current construction in Centre County and make your trip into Happy Valley as smooth as possible by checking out PennDOT's District Two updates.

We hope your journeys are happy and that the sea of orange cones and signs that has taken over our blue and white valley doesn’t surprise you. As our parents would say, “Drive safe!”

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