Find your Zen: State College's best yoga spots

STATE COLLEGE – When it comes to yoga studios, Happy Valley has a nice selection. If you are looking for a place to work out, you’ve come to the right town! Check out the many options in the happiest of valleys:

Lila Yoga Studio

If your practice is rooted in the energy of a space, you belong at the warmly lit, tapestry and string light ambiance offered in their studio, the Treehouse. Its wood-paneled walls invoke the spirit of a Lila practice, which is rooted in holistic healing of the body and mind, and calls forth the powers of the spirit and universe. Voted best of State College in 2017 for instructor Erica Kaufman, this is an easy winner for the devoted yogi or first-time spirited explorer. Such classes as Candlelight Yin, Sun Salutations, cleanse the mind and aim for a euphoric melding of body and spirit.

Yoga Lab

Yoga Lab is “a space for self-discovery,” offering beginner classes as well as a wide range of classes for more advances practitioners.

With a special twist on a yogic lifestyle, this studio offers Power Lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays, a totally vegan, gluten-free menu that fuels energy and well-being before your practices. The menu changes daily, but options range from Roasted Parsnip Soup to Yemaya Yamoodles Tossed in Ginger Miso.

The best price in town — the current rate for an unlimited, auto-renewal membership is just $88 per month, and comes with a 10 percent discount on retail, workshops and even some local businesses! If this weren’t a sweet enough deal, university students can score the same deal for just $68 per month, making it far and away the happiest deal in the valley.

TriYoga of Centre County PA

TriYoga is a variant of yoga that focuses on asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and mudras (placements of the hands and fingers), and is a gentle, very intentional practice. At the three Centre County studios, there is a particular focus on inclusion of senior teachers and students, but classes are open to all and include special workshops such as acupuncture, mom and baby classes and retreat weekends.


For the athlete looking for a little bit of zen in his or her life, Power Your Life (PYP) offers movements and meditations that ultimately aim to mindfully challenge and sculpt the body. Whether you choose to CHISEL, BARRE, CYCLE or SLOW BODY BURN your way to harmony, you can expect balance, strength, and that deep muscle burn out of every class at this studio.

Wellness is Motion

For those seeking medical healing, Wellness in Motion provides practitioners with one-on-one classes for mental, cleansing stimulation (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy), or physical healing of the back due to injury or scoliosis. If you are new to yoga, or prefer to diversify your meditation and asanas, this studio also offers a broad spectrum of traditional yoga classes, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Mat Pilates and Gentle Flow. Keeping with the spirit of inclusivity, there are also classes provided for seniors, and special deals for youth classes, which focus on skill-building for their internal lives, as well as school and home.


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