Counting down to THON: By the Numbers

UNIVERSITY PARK – THON is a few days away.

On Friday evening, Penn State students will take to the floor of the Bryce Jordan Center for the annual event, which raises money for Four Diamonds in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Here’s a closer look at some of the numbers behind THON and pediatric cancer:

1: Childhood cancer is the No. 1 leading cause of death for those under 15 years of age.

43: The number of school-aged children diagnosed with cancer – every day.

46: The number of hours students will be on their feet (with limited stoppages for bathroom, food, and  massage breaks, of course).

100: The number of new cancer patients seen annually at the Penn State Children’s Hospital.

250: The number of children around the world who die daily from cancer.

600: The number of children treated annually at Four Diamonds at the Penn State Children’s Hospital.

16,500: The number of Penn State students who volunteer their time – in one way or another – to THON.

158,000: The number of unique page views the THON webcast received in 2017.

And now, a closer look at some of the monetary figures:

$10,000: The cost of newly-approved cancer drugs – for one month.

$40,000: The average cost of a stay in a hospital for a child with cancer per day. It’s nearly five times the cost of any other pediatric condition.

$500,000: The cost for cancer treatments, on average, for one child.

$10,000,000: The amount of money THON raised for Four Diamonds last year.

$136,000,000: Amount of money THON has raised since its inception.



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