Where's the best place to get ice cream in Happy Valley?

If you have a sweet tooth like us, you need to know the best places to indulge in ice cream this fall. And with record high temperatures, why wouldn't you indulge? 

Here’s a closer look at our favorites:

Momotaro: Momotaro is the newest pastry and ice cream shop in town. Upon entering the cafe, you should be prepared to choose from coffee, tea, smoothies and ice cream. But wait ... this isn’t your average ice cream; these are ice cream rolls. The ice cream is rolled right in front of your eyes, as you choose the flavor, unlimited toppings, and a drizzle on top.

Meyer Dairy: Meyer Dairy is family owned and has been serving ice cream for more than 100 years. Talk about dedication! They offer plenty of flavors, which even change throughout the year. Along with ice cream, Meyer’s offers milk, bakery items, cheese, maple syrup, honey and jam.

Insomnia Cookies: Insomnia is known for its late night deliveries of warm, gooey cookies. You can get a cookie or ice cream. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can get any type of ice cream sandwiched between two fresh cookies!

Baby’s Burgers and Shakes: If you’re in the mood to sit down at a classic diner and enjoy a cheeseburger with a root beer float, check out Baby’s. Along with their amazing food, Baby’s offers a wide variety of desserts. Some of our favorites are the hot fudge cookie sundae and the hand-dipped ice cream!

Rita’s: Rita’s is our favorite place to get Italian Ice in Happy Valley. There is such a wide variety of choices, ranging from frozen custard to milkshakes. Don’t forget to try Rita’s No. 1 selling treat: the “Gelati,” made with scoops of custard and Italian ice.

Berkey Creamery: A Penn State tradition, the Creamery continues to get bigger – and better. There are the usual favorites, such as Peachy Paterno and Death by Chocolate, of course. But don’t be afraid to go off the board and try something a little off the beaten path – like some frozen yogurt or a classic shake. If you can hit the Creamery on a non-football weekend such as this, lines will be shorter and you can get some instant gratification!

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