Where to find the best cold treats in Happy Valley

By Laura Zaks


It’s officially hitting those weeks of 70 and 80-degree weather here in Happy Valley, and that could only mean one thing: ice cream!

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” has never sounded more perfect than in a valley that offers bountiful options for cold treats and delights, as well as sprinkles galore.

After a stroll through the arboretum or a show at the State Theatre, make sure to stop by any of the following ice cream destinations!


The Berkey Creamery

How can this ice cream dream not be number one on the list? With a long list of flavors ranging from death by chocolate to grilled stickies to alumni swirl, this creamery is also the largest university creamery in United States, doling out around 750,000 scoops a year. Be sure to grab yours this summer and share the blue and white glory in the sweetest possible way: drinking a milkshake or downing creamy, cold and mouthwatering goodness with blue and white sprinkles on top.


Meyer Dairy

Founded in 1887, Meyer Dairy has been serving the Nittany Lion community for over a century. What makes their ice cream stand a cut above the rest is their delicious Meyer milk, a fresh staple that is processed and ready just days after the cow is milked. Meyer Dairy uses the fresh milk in every ice cream flavor — vanilla, chocolate, the works — and makes the treat taste pure, creamy and utterly delicious. Matt Geiger, a fan and customer, has this to say about the dairy: "Walking into Meyer Dairy is walking back in time 40 years. You feel welcomed and look forward to what the experience will bring — both to your taste-buds and your emotions."


Bonfatto’s Italian Market and Corner Café

Nestled up in Bellefonte, Bonfatto’s is just waiting to greet its customers with its many cold treats, from its ice cream to even its yummy, fruity smoothies. Bonfatto’s doles out Hershey’s ice cream by a single or double scoop, with both under the affordable price of five dollars! Smoothies are made with fresh fruit, boosts and antioxidants, rendering them both a summer delight and a healthy snack. The offered smoothies include the Starter, which consists of energy boosting carrot, orange, tangerine and lemon; the Beet Boost, which includes berry blends and ginger; the Acai, home to strawberries, blueberries and antioxidant acai; and finally, the Green Guava, which is made of passion fruit, pineapple and cleansing Guava. Enjoy!



You don’t know ice cream until you know Momotaro. With so many opportunities for sweetness, Momotaro makes picking an ice cream flavor a whole celebration. Step 1: choose your base, from options like yogurt, green tea or chocolate. Step 2: pick one flavor, whether it be strawberry, Oreo, ginger, banana, lemon or whatever your favorite is. Step 3: Choose a topping, whether it be a pocky stick, almonds, fruits or M&Ms. Just when you think you’re done… there’s one final step! Pick a drizzle! It doesn’t matter if it’s mango, caramel, peanut butter, chocolate or any of the other delicious options, you will surely have a masterpiece in your hands. Momotaro is also home to classic milk tea and freshly made smoothies, as well as a handcrafted ice cream roll that includes toasted marshmallow and cookies.


Cold Stone Creamery

You could never go wrong with the Cold Stone Creamery, home to scrumptious flavors like Dough For It, One Smart Brookie, Banana Caramel Crunch or even the Apple Pie A La Cold Stone. The beauty of Cold Stone is that each ice cream presented to you is their own masterful creation— watch Cold Stone lay out your freshly made ice cream and crush toppings on top and mix it all together until each bite is infused with yummy flavors you chose! This creamery is also home to sundaes, cake and sorbets.

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