Standing Stone Coffee Company: Creating Global Food with a very Local Experience

From the moment you walk into Standing Stone Coffee Company in Huntingdon, you know you've made a find. There's something about the vibe that feels downhome — board games and classic movie showings — blended with the fine edge of local art, a rotating menu, and the some seriously good coffee.

It's homey, yet cool enough to host your next business meeting while noshing on sandwiches that were dreamed up when Standing Stone president Greg Anderson started mixing ingredients from vendors set up on either side of him at the Boalsburg Farmers Market. “It all comes down to people,” he says. “All of it. We care about people first. Why would we offer sub-par coffee, or make food that was high in fat and preservatives when we can do better? People are worth it.”

This community-minded mantra has impacted everything Standing Stone does, even down to the washers and dryers tucked in behind their state-of-the-art roaster. When Greg originally bought the building, it was a laundromat, says Alyssa Nichol, Standing Stone's marketing coordinator and operations assistant. “When he asked neighbors what they wanted from the coffee shop set up on the corner of their street, they said, 'Well, we still need a laundromat,' so he kept it. I think that really says a lot about Standing Stone's commitment to the community.”

Their company specializes in micro-roasted Specialty Coffee from the top one percent of coffee beans produced in the world. Roasting only 17 pounds at a time, each batch is craft-roasted to bring out the uniqueness of each kind of bean. And, as you would expect, it all goes back to the people. You can go to their website at to find out the stories of the coffee — the people who raised it and their stories. Farmers have been fairly compensated for their work, creating a socially conscious, environmentally conscious cup of coffee. It's a global drink in very local experience. They currently roast nine single-origin coffees, and individualized blends for over 60 restaurants, coffee shops and organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic.

The next time you are in the area, make sure to check out Standing Stone. Go for the coffee, but do yourself a favor and go with an appetite. You never know what new goodness is about to show up in their seasonal menu.

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