Seasonal Food Favorites

Every season comes with an array of flavors, a bounty of culinary experiences that take our minds back to seasons past — pumpkin spice and apple pie in the fall, gingerbread and hot cocoa in the winter, the first asparagus shoots and salads of spring. Then summer comes with its sizzling barbecues, juicy watermelon, farm‑fresh corn on the cob and fruity pitchers of your favorite backyard beverages.

With Happy Valley’s abundance of local farmers and producers, just a short drive from downtown and appearing downtown regularly at farmers markets and festivals, it’s easier than ever to bring the flavors of the season to your family. However, if you don’t consider yourself America’s next Top Chef, many of Happy Valley’s talented restauranteurs combine fresh ingredients for upscale and ultra‑locavore dining experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out some of our favorite spots for dining and shopping this summer, to experience all the best summertime flavors.

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