From-Scratch Flavors Fuel Dante's Menu Favorites

“We don’t make our ketchup and mustard,” JP Mills, Director at Dante’s Restaurants and Nightlife says, “but we make just about everything else.”

It’s no secret that Dante’s Restaurants and Nightlife (which includes The Deli, Hi Way Pizza, Liberty Craft House, Mario’s and more) has been making their food ‘local’ long before it was cool, but the sheer volume and organization of the restaurants’ symbiotic relationships is staggering. It goes beyond working with local producers… they ARE the local producer.

The day starts at 11 p.m. when orders are placed for the food for the next day. Corporate bakers and pastry chefs who work in their bakery and commissary create countless breads, dough, and desserts from scratch. You can find these fresh‑baked goods in each of their restaurants, and, most recently, at Rothrock Coffee on South Atherton Street. Each restaurant has a unique brand and strength and contributes its signature goods. For instance, you can find Mario’s Vodka Sauce at the Deli. Wings are smoked at Bar Bleu downtown, and sauces and salad dressings are made from scratch at another. It’s all from scratch, all from Andy Zangrilli’s recipes, and all made to order to ensure that every dish is as fresh and great as it can be. The foods are distributed to each restaurant—their signature dishes, sauces, and specials—and another day begins.

There are cult favorites at each restaurant (the famous Mario’s Vodka Sauce, Hi Way Pizza’s ‘’red stuffed,’ The Deli’s Reuben), but their seasonal menus give you a chance to see their inventive freshness in new great dishes. Keep your eye on The Deli in particular—there are some changes afoot and you will love them. The all time favorites are staying, but look for new and creative dishes to join the menu in 2017. 


Going on now at The Deli: 

Beulah’s Smokehouse celebrates authentic Kansas City Barbecue that focuses on locally sourced pork and beef that are butchered and smoked low and slow in‑house using hickory wood.  Large plates, small plates, sandwiches and more. Enjoy a classic cocktail or bourbon neat with a featured specialty drink menu created to perfectly pair with their authentic Kansas City style smoked meats!


Winter means comfort food, and The Deli brings it in spades with riffs on classic holiday foods. Their Holiday Traditions Food Festival features dishes that compliment the most wonderful time of the year. And you don't want to miss Mario's Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Dinner. (Reservations strongly suggested).

January ’til Spring: 

Comfort Food & Soup Festival features dishes that stick to your ribs and warm your soul.  There will be approximately 20 fresh soups available each day along with cold weather favorites such as Mom’s Meatloaf.


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