New in Town: Check out these eateries

We might not be out with the old — Happy Valley is home to countless one-of-a-kind restaurants that now feel like home — but we do happen to be in with the new.

Welcome the rising restaurants that joined the Centre County family by giving their menus and dishes a go; each new family member has something to add to the plate, whether it be the new grab-and-go at Yallah Burrito Co., or the Federal Taphouse’s farm-to-table-style cuisine. So, what are you waiting for?

Hi-Way Pizza West

1301 W. College Ave., State College

Dante’s Restaurants & Nightlife opened a new location in State College to further contribute to a vision of good food, sports and a secret spice blend for a signature Hi-Way Pizza sauce. The restau­rant includes 32 screens made for customers to watch their favorite teams battle it out; 30 draft beer options for those same customers to celebrate or recover during major game moments; and pizzas, pastas and desserts to satisfy the appetite. Hi-Way Pizza is also home to an on-site bottle shop made for carry-out orders and over 29 different varieties of pizza that are all made from scratch.


132 S. Allen St., State College

Ever crave authentic Japanese cuisine? Try out Kondu’s gyoza, summer burrito, shumai, Kani salad and their chicken Teppanyaki. The new restaurant has special features allowing you to order online, or being even able for you to create your own burrito — make the experience entirely your own! Kondu is also home to poke bowls and bubble tea, both of which make for a traditional Japanese-style lunch or dinner you know you’ll be coming back for.

Duck Donuts

125 S. Fraser St., State College

Duck Donuts just opened a few days ago and this newbie is spicing up the hype with catchy puns like “Know what all the Quack’s about?” and “Join the Flock!” Donut forget to keep yourself in the loop until they come around because as luck would have it, this duck has got it — it, of course, being fresh donut recipes, a fine selection of coffees, breakfast sandwiches and ice cream sundaes.

State Burger Co.

101 S. Allegheny St., Bellefonte

December welcomed the winter season and another reason to love Centre County: State Burger Co. The new burger place in Bellefonte provides handmade burgers and fries, seafood, gluten-free foods and cheeses, toppings and sauces. The burgers are made 100-percent for the customer experience, where you can build your own burger by choosing what buns, what cheese and what toppings you want. Other delicious dishes include hangover fries with white queso, bacon, ched­dar and eggs over-easy and desserts like the P. brownie with Reese’s Pieces and whipped cream. Make sure you’re hungry!

Peace, Love and Little Donuts

421 E. Calder Way, State College

Peace, love and donuts— three words that might actually spread more happiness than the three words, “ I love you.” The peaceful, lovely, little shop just opened in State College, providing donuts with toppings that top all else: cinnamon, ginger sugar, honey and maple sugar. Toppings always make a friend in frosting and at this donut shop, that friend can be in flavors of vanilla, chocolate, maple, raspberry, banana or mocha frosting. In this way, Peace, Love and Little Donuts feeds your inner hippie through soft sweetness, either in-shop or through catering. Special feature donuts include flavors of apple pie, salted chocolate and Boston cream pie.

Little Food Court

250 E. Calder Way, State College

The name already provides a glimpse into the company’s goal: for the customer to have a fast-casual setting when eating delicious Asian- American style cuisine. Dishes include Hong Kong-style noodles, congee, Taiwanese bowls, bubble tea and smoothies. If that doesn’t already lure you in, what about their catch phrase, “Good world food in one court”? The Little Food Court serves a variety of hot foods that range from Japanese to Mongolian influence.

Four Ways Pub and Eatery

685 Pleasantview Blvd., Bellefonte

The sign for the restaurant was put up right after Christmas, a late gift for the residents of Bellefonte and Centre County. Construction provid­ing up to 55 seats will be done by the summer, but the restaurant now is happy with their simple and tasteful menu of six sandwiches and three appetizers. The beer is on tap, the food is made in-house and all dishes are cooked with the love and warmth of the owners who truly try to set their eatery apart from all the others.

Yallah Burrito Co.

404 E. Calder Way, State College

Hollah for Yallah! After the success of Yallah Taco, founder Hitham Hiyajneh decided to open his seventh brand in State College, Yallah Burrito Co. The funky new restaurant serves Mexican-style tacos and burritos with recipes that are both new and refresh­ing. Yallah Burrito Co. follows in the model of Chipotle, where patrons can come in and pick what they want on their burritos simply by pointing.

Happy Buns

426 E. College Ave., State College

State College's newest donut shop has a twist: you order your glazed donut filled with a choice of 16 flavors of ice cream and toppings like Fruity Pebbles and Oreos. The melange of hot and cold has been a big hit since Happy Buns opened in early February -- it closed early a few times because they ran out of donuts. Check it out the next time you are on College Ave!

Federal Taphouse

130 S. Fraser St. Suite 200, State College

Federal Taphouse has it all. From great appetizers like Devils on Horseback, more than 100 options of beer on tap, artisanal pizzas, sandwiches with ingredients ranging from crab cake to duck confit and delicious entrées like the wood-fired salmon, what the customer wants is what the customer gets. The restaurant is also home to a fine selection of wine. Federal Taphouse also prides itself on scratch cooking and use of local ingredients. What are you doing still reading this? Go!

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