It's Not Too Late to Plan Your Easter Brunch!

The Deli
Happy Valley's downtown treasure, The Deli, has brunch with live jazz each Sunday from 10-2. Enjoy specialties like Croque Madame, Stuffed Brioche French Toast, Frittatas, and more, served alongside 'eye-openers' like the Deli Mimosa, Sam-mosa (Samuel Adams Imperial White and OJ) or Seattle's Best Coffee. See the full menu here.

Gigi's Southern Table
Gigi's Small Batch Brunch is on Saturdays only from 11:30 a.m-3 p.m., but still worth the mention because of the bounty of breakfast goods. From Eggs Benedict with Serrano ham, poached eggs, hominy grits and Hollandaise to 'stuffies' with baked clams, roasted corn and local sausage to country sausage and ham or hot wings, they mix southern cooking with local foods for a delicious ever-changing brunch offering. You can make reservations at 1-814-861-3463.

The Waffle Shop
Standing in line makes it seem just a little more worth it, doesn't it? One of Happy Valley's perennial favorite breakfast spots, the Waffle Shop is famous for its waffles (of course), omelets, and big portions. Their two locations on North Atherton Street and West College Avenue make getting a table easier, but we can't make any promises about making it easy to decide what to eat. What's your favorite? (For my kids, it's the S9 every time!) 5:30 a.m.-3p.m. 

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