It's National Pizza Day! Where can you get a slice?

You may not know State College for its pizza, but we’re here to prove you wrong.

Today is National Pizza Day! Here’s a closer look at some of State College's best places to grab a slice:

Hi-Way: Hi-Way pizza has been around since 1963, adding to one of our many Penn State traditions. They offer over 29 varieties of pizzas with an unimaginable amount of topping combinations. Our favorite pizza is made with vodka “flaky” crust. If for some reason you’re not feeling a pizza, Hi-Way offers more than 12 styles of mouthwatering sandwiches. Hi-Way is most definitely the right way!

Pizza Mia: At Pizza Mia in State College, you'll find a small take-out restaurant with a big menu. Every pizza you get will be made from dough that was hand tossed and sauce made “with a pinch of this and a dash of that.” Check out the Bellefonte location if you want to sit down to enjoy!

Inferno: Inferno is the place to go if you love pizza and you love partying. The restaurant is casual with a sophisticated environment. If you are in the mood to eat lunch outside, then hang out at Inferno’s outdoor lounge. If you’re in the mood to eat while socializing, Inferno opens up to a nightclub with DJs and dancing at night.

Home D Pizzeria: Home D Pizzeria has something for everyone! Indulge on one of their traditional pasta dishes, or take a risk and order the cajun shrimp po’boy. Each day is special at Home D Pizzeria. On Sundays, you can brunch it up or stop by on a Tuesday for “Giant Slice Day.”

Gumby’s Pizza: If you’ve ever heard of pokey sticks, then you must know where to find them. Gumby’s has everything you want and need from a pizza place: wings, macaroni and cheese, pepperoni rolls and more. There are over 20 daily specials, where you can eat as much as you please without the guilt of price.

Brother’s Pizza: If you’re craving a quick slice of traditional New York style pizza, then Brother’s is your place. You can get 2 slices and a drink for under $6 ... talk about a bargain!

Mamma Mia’s: Sometimes you just need a slice of real, authentic, Italian pizza. In other words, you need Mamma Mia’s. Mamma Mia's was first founded in 1917 in Calabria, Italy. We’re lucky enough to have one here, in State College, with a chef who was born and raised in Italy. The recipes are authentic and passed down from generation to generation. As they say at Mamma Mia’s, come taste the difference!

Federal Taphouse: Federal Taphouse is one of State College’s newest restaurants! While the menu is extensive, wood fired pizza is their speciality. Choose from their 10-plus variations of pizza, and watch the dough be hand tossed in front of your eyes.


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