Gifting the area's best food and drinks

For anyone who has friends, fellow alums or family currently living outside of the Centre County area, you’ve probably considered, at one time or another, giving them a gift that truly encapsulates the spirit of State College. Whether you’re shopping in town or at one of the surrounding farms, Happy Valley has you covered. 

Share the Best Local Wine and Spirits 

Tucked away in the sloping hills of the region are several amazing wineries, one of which is Seven Mountains Wine Cellars. Seven Mountains offers a wide variety of wines. Their products range from sweet options like their 100% blackberry table wine to dryer wines like their Ten Point — a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Syrah.  

The Happy Valley Winery is located on a farm built in the 19th century; the vineyard spans 9.5 acres of land and houses the plants for 15 varieties of grapes. With a focus on dry red and white wines, Happy Valley Winery strives to provide quality wines to their customers through sustainable practices. In addition to their red and white wine collections, Happy Valley Winery offers 30+ wines, with something for even the pickiest wine enthusiast.  

The Mount Nittany Winery lies in Linden Hall. In addition to wine purchases, you can also give gift cards that can be used not only for their products, but for tastings and tour of the winery as well. For $7.95 per person, each guest can receive a tour of the vineyard as well as a wine glass stamped with the Mount Nittany logo.  

If you’re looking for a great gift for someone who may not be a big wine enthusiast, the spirits-lover in your life is sure to be please by the selection offered at Barrel 21. Barrel 21 Distillery & Dining is located adjacent to their original restaurant Otto’s. With an infrastructure built by Carl Artisan Stills just outside of Stuttgart, Germany, the distillery houses a beautiful 350-liter still used to produce their in-house spirits. Options include their more basic products such as their white rye, gin, vodka and light and spiced rums. In addition to these staple spirits, Barrel 21 also offers more unique options such as their Apple and Peach Eau de Vie’s, which are colorless, un-aged, fruit brandies, and their popular Limoncello, made with lemons that are macerated for 45 days in order to ensure the beautiful color and delicious taste of the spirit.  

Enjoy Locally Grown Goodness 

Located in Port Matilda, a summer and fall staple of the Happy Valley region is Way Fruit Farm. a family-owned and operated business, the owners work hard to ensure that customers receive products from their local orchard and farm store that are sure to impress. Originally, Way Fruit Farm’s facility was built in 1958; however, after a 2009 remodel, the facility now includes a much larger addition to the property, with a bakery and café.  

Within the farm store, customers can purchase any of the seasonal fruits grown by Way Fruit Farm. Other products include their “almost famous” apple cider, and their old-fashioned apple butter. They also sell preserves and baking items like brown sugar, flax seed and oats. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, check out their candy and snacks section. 

Treat Them to Dessert 

Happy Valley has plenty to satisfy a holiday sweet tooth. And as much as the person on your list would love to stop in to their favorite Happy Valley place for their favorite treat, it’s just as easy to bring it right to them. Believe it or not, Berkey Creamery ships its products to all 48 continental states — yes, even ice cream! Go for one of the classics like Peachy Paterno or Keeny Beany Chocolate, or a seasonal flavor like Egg Nog.  

Often duplicated but never matched, the original grilled sticky comes from The Diner, located at 126 W. College Ave. Prepackaged, grilled stickies are ready to be given away (or enjoyed all by yourself). It even includes easy instructions to grill them yourself. If you’re in the area, you can pick up a box of grilled stickies just about anywhere – Giant, Wegmans, Weis Markets, even Wal-Mart. If you are out of the area and want to order some to be delivered, that’s entirely possible. Order them online here 

With countless options, you’re sure to find a great gift at any of these local businesses! Shop local, and give the gift of the authentic feel of Happy Valley. 



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