Get Fresh-Off-the-Grill Food This Summer

Happy Valley is home to some amazing restaurants with authentic cuisine, but the best part of our summer variety is the many fresh-off-the-grill food options. 

Gigi’s Southern Table
Gigi’s is about as fresh as it gets when it comes to their farm-to-fork Southern food. They specialize in homestyle food and southern classics like grit cakes, chicken strips, jambalaya and much more. Their food is sourced locally from farms that, along with the atmosphere and service, will provide you with a feeling of southern hospitality and a culinary experience like no other.

Nittany Lion Inn Patio 
For the rest of the summer until September 1st, the Nittany Lion Inn will be having PA on the Patio, held every Friday! The inn will provide a local dining experience on their patio, a perfect way to eat fresh food and enjoy the warm weather. It will feature a selection of Pennsylvania microbrews and grilled tapas with the best seasonal fruits, vegetables and local meats. The menu changes every week, so come back often!

Plaza Mexican Bar and Grill 
This restaurant serves up Mexican food in an entirely fresh way. Signature Mexican dishes come fresh from the grill and guacamole is made right in front of you. Their fajitas come out sizzling and you can order lots of other items, as well as unlimited chips and salsa. 

Allen Street Grill 
Located on the second floor of of the historic Hotel State College and Company building, this restaurant has an amazing view of the Mall and the Penn State gates, as well as really fresh food. Some of their most famous dishes are Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Hummus & Vegetables, Naan Pizza and their seafood options. 

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