The best pizza places in Happy Valley

You can never go wrong with a delicious slice of pizza — and Happy Valley isn’t about to let you down when it comes to choosing the best of the best pizza places in town.

The debate of “is pizza really a vegetable?” took all pizza lovers by storm, but now the debate is…which pizza locations are worthy to make the Top 10 Pizza Places list, when there are so many great contenders to choose from?

Happy Valley dug through Yelp reviews and menus galore, to find the secret out.

So without further ado … the following are the results!

Hi-Way Pizza Pub

1688 N. Atherton St., State College; 1301 W. College Ave., State College

Looking for the right way? Take the Hi-Way! A State College tradition since 1963, Hi-Way offers over 29 varieties of hand-spun pizzas as well as an incessant combination of toppings. Try the customer favorite — the vodka “flaky” crust pizza after ordering a house-made soup like the tomato parmesan or a sharable like spinach artichoke dip. Whether you want a neapolitan pie, artisan pie, specialty pie or classic combo pie, you know you’ll find yourself tasting a little bit of heaven when choosing this pub for your ultimate pizza destination.

Faccia Luna Pizzeria

1229 S. Atherton St., State College

Want a true taste of Italy? Order up at Faccia Luna’s Pizzeria where pizza names will give you a run for your money like the “Salamini” being a pizza with Margherita pepperoni and mozzarella, the “Giannetto” being a pizza with Margherita pepperoni, Italian sausage and mushroom or the

“Quattro Formaggio” that includes mild asiago, fontinella, reggiano parmesan and locatteli romano. Think we’re done? Not yet! Faccia Luna also is home to show-stopping sandwiches like the Philly-style cheesesteak Philly Style, the Italian grinder and the hot sausage sandwich.

Margarita’s Pizza

222 W. Beaver Ave., State College

Reviews all talk about the kind-hearted Margrita’s Pizza owners, the cozy atmosphere and beyond delicious pizza. At Margarita’s even a plain cheese pizza will have your mouth water — along with, of course, their white pesto pizza, Buffalo chicken pizza, or any pizza you want by the slice. Margarita’s also offers fantastic pasta options like meat lasagna, baked ziti with Alfredo sauce, stuffed shells, cheese ravioli and fish and fries. Don’t forget to also check out their sub, salad, wedge and stromboli options!

Brother’s Pizza

Multiple locations

Make yourself at home with Brother’s Pizza — you’re family here! Order boneless wings, the Brothers special pizza fraught with pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, green peppers, onions and extra cheese and a cheese fry stromboli to have the night of your life. Or maybe go for a specialty pizza like BBQ grilled chicken ranch, alfredo pizza, or the firebomb pizza. There’s no time to waste — give these pizzas a taste!

Pizza Mia

State College and Bellefonte

Your name doesn’t have to be Mia in order for you to enjoy the quality ingredients Pizza Mia has to offer. Whether it’s juicy garden tomatoes, local spring-harvest flour or whole-milk mozzarella cheese, Pizza Mia wants to provide an authentic culinary experience. With starters like marinated stuffed portabella, specialty pizzas like Hawaiian and bacon cheeseburger, or even subs and wraps like the meatball sub — must be Joey Tribbiani’s favorite— Pizza Mia doesn’t fail to deliver. Oh, and fair warning: this restaurant’s addictive house dressing will have you signing up for house dressings anonymous.

The Cove New York Style Pizzeria

1320 B E. College Ave., State College

New York doesn’t have to feel so far away anymore — the City of Lights has come to you through the Cove New York Style Pizzeria. Try the to-die-for macaroni and cheese Bites, the loaded nachos, the loaded cheese fries or maybe even the popcorn shrimp — anything works! Of course, those are only just the start. The pizzeria offers delicious pizzas as well, like the cheesesteak pizza, the Cajun chicken pizza, the Buffalo chicken pizza and the chicken bacon ranch pizza, among others. Oh, and look out for the Cove-calzones and Cove-burgers! You don’t want to miss their steamy, fresh and mouthwatering taste.

Canyon Pizza

219 E. Beaver Ave., State College

Ever seen an 18-inch extra-large monster pizza? If not, come on down to Canyon Pizza! Two other popular menu items  that customers rave about include the cheese stix — homemade breadsticks smothered in three different cheeses and butter — as well as nite Stix, as these are eight sticks of homemade pizza dough that are dipped in garlic, parmesan and butter. How canyon — not give these a try?

Gumby’s Pizza

300 S. Pugh St., State College

One Yelp review had a customer exclaim, “Holy sh**t, I think I devoured 10,000 Pokey Stix during my years at Penn State as a college student!!!” Students all over University Park’s campus know what Pokey Stix are — a Gumby’s Pizza specialty. Gumby’s also offers a wide array of fries: pizza fries, bacon cheese fries, bacon chili cheese fries and wings ‘n fries. This pizzeria also is home to many pasta dishes like chicken alfredo pasta or garlic chicken pasta — and many different types of mac and cheese like the Hog Heaven mac and cheese or the chili mac and cheese. And the pizza, you ask? Well, Gumby’s has both regular pizza like the baked ziti pizza as well as dessert pizza called the cinnamon dessert pizza. Don’t miss out!

Home D Pizzeria

State College and Bellefonte

Treat yourself! Home D Pizzeria has everything your pizza desires can want. Whether it’s the yummy starters like the provolone sticks, cast iron mac and cheese and the Home D Nachos, the fresh salads that come in a variety of styles, the wood-fired pizzas like the Margherita or spicy BBQ chicken, the specialty entrees like cast iron salmon, gnocci al forno, the vegan noodle bowl and the Bolognese fettuccini, OR the artisan soups like the French onion or shrimp chowder…where was I? Well, to this end, Home D Pizzeria has it all. So, dig in!


106 E. Bishop St., Bellefonte

OK, so it might be a little outside Happy Valley, but Hofbrau in Bellefonte is well worth the short drive to Bellefonte. The perfect mix of crust, sauce and cheese, Hofbrau pizza was once described by a customer as the perfect “beer-drinkin’ pizza.” Every pizza is hand-tossed, so Hofbrau doesn’t look like chain pizza – and that’s a very good thing. The pepperoni pizza is our favorite, though Hofbrau has awesome wings, strombolis and grinders. Bring your appetite!

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