Best French Fries in Happy Valley

July 13 is National French Fry Day! Hot, crispy, seasoned fries are a delicious guilty pleasure, and despite their unhealthy reputation, deep down, everyone loves a heaping basket of fries. Happy Valley has some of the best for your indulgence; here are some favorite options to satisfy your cravings!

The Field

At Toftrees Golf Resort, the amazing restaurant The Field serves up some of the best fries in State College. The hand-cut Russet potato fries are tossed right onto the table for a family-style meal. Perfectly seasoned and served up a variety ways, they're a great complement to the burgers and extravagant milkshakes The Field is also famous for.

Sauly Boys

 A rather new restaurant that specializes in gourmet burgers and hot dogs, Sauly Boys is also famous for its loaded fries. Their fries are definitely what sets them apart from others, as it offers eight different types, all double-fried and unlike anything you've ever tried. If you’re not feeling adventurous you can go for the “Plain Jane” fries (which are still delicious). If you’re feeling bold, you can try the “Sauly Fries” with bacon, cheese, scallions and Sauly Sauce; the “Load ‘Em Up” fries with chili, cheese, onions and sour cream; or the “Louisiana Crab Bake” fries with crab meat, creamy old bay sauce, roasted peppers and corn and Cajun sauce. There are also “Nacho Fries” and “Get Saucy” fries which come with either ranch, cheese sauce, beer cheese sauce, garlic aioli, Old Bay sauce, Sauly Sauce, Beer Mustard, Sriracha sauce or Cajun sauce. 

Cafe 210 West

Cafe 210 West is famous for their skillet fries, served hot and in a skillet, loaded with cheese, chopped onions, diced tomatoes, and sour cream. Their additional assortment of fries is also what puts them on the map for the best fries in State College. You can choose from cheese fries, Caribbean fries, Old Bay fries or chili cheese fries. The options for deliciously crispy french fries are endless.

Bradley’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies

Nothing goes better with a tasty Philly cheesesteak than some fries. Bradley's Cajun fries pair perfectly with their classic cheesesteaks and their traditional fries are just as savory. Friendly service, a good atmosphere and fries: you can't go wrong! 

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