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Team Building

Stone Valley Vertical Adventures

Stone Valley Vertical Adventures is one of the biggest challenge course facilities on the East Coast, with unmatched natural resources. This high-adventure course is available to groups of all kinds who are seeking a unique teambuilding experience and plenty of fun challenges! Activities are designed for individuals to succeed together as a team while they work on problem solving, communication, collaboration and building trust.




Vertical Adventures at Stone ValleyThe Odyssey III

The Odyssey Course offers linear team events, designed for 4 to 8 participants to complete together at a time. The central idea of this course is that teams will share a more productive, fun and educational experience than would individuals in a traditional challenge course design. Most traditional linear courses have individual or two-person events. The Odyssey Course instead allows small teams to have a more engaging challenge course experience together.





Team Development Course

Vertical Adventures at Stone ValleyThe Team Development Course is an exciting way to teach team-building principles. Youth and student groups, faculty teams, community organizations and businesses—and perhaps most interesting, groups of diverse ages, abilities and ethnic identity—will all be able to strengthen leadership, listening, planning, problem solving and communication skills while taking on an adventurous and challenging rescue mission. The activities and lessons that occur represent some of the most dynamic group initiatives in the adventure education field.



Vertical Adventures at Stone Valley

Carolina T-Wall

The unique, versatile Carolina T-Wall is designed for participants of all levels of climbing experience and therefore promotes an extremely high level of success. This freestanding wall offers a wide range of terrain (beginner to advanced intermediate) allowing participation by both athletic and non-athletic persons. As a participant becomes more comfortable, competent and skillful, he or she may easily progress to the next level by simply choosing increasingly challenging routes.


Vertical Adventures at Stone Valley

The Alpine Tower II and Giant Swing

The Alpine Tower II is 50’ tall and offers over 30 variations for high events oriented to individual, partnered, and entire team challenges. Belay benches are located on three sides of the structure, and act as nucleus for the high activities. High-level activities are virtually limitless there! The Alpine Tower II is ideal for an organization that may wish for participants to re-visit the experience over an extended period.

Base Tactics Outdoor Battlefield

Base Tactics Outdoor BattlefieldReady for something your group will never forget?  As in, you'll be talking about it all the way home through to the next week?   Create your legacy on the battlefield via tactical, outdoor laser tag.  With team-based tactical missions, different gameplay choices (snipers, honey badgers, FN-P90s and more), red dot sights, hit feedback/player stats, and an accurate range over a football field, this is laser tag like you've never experienced before!  Play with up to 24 players (ages 10+only).  Check out our website calendar for dates and times, or ask us about private events at your locations for groups of 10 to 300!   We also do bachelor parties, birthdays, random campfire-sing-alongs, and corporate team building sessions.   Open play costs are $20 a person for 90 minutes of play.  Anyone under 18 must get a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Don't compromise on awesome!