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Sports/Events Services

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau will help you find the perfect facilities and accommodations. Our sales and service staff are your one-stop resource. Sit back and relax; call 1-800-358-5466. The available services, most of which are complimentary, include:

Sports Planners for State College and Central PASite-Selection Assistance

  • RFP issuance to appropriate lodging and facilities based on your specifications
  • Consolidation and forwarding of proposals to the Planner for review
  • Site inspection of bidding facilities

Special Services for Large or Citywide Events

  • A team of Industry Experts and Leaders to help coordinate the event
  • The use of the HVAB Housing Department
  • Welcome Letters from Community Leaders
  • Hospitality Ambassadors or Volunteers to assist with Registration & Visitor Information
  • Visitor Information collateral (Visitors Guides & Maps)

Call today and let us help you create the perfect meeting/event! 

Parking for all on campus venues must be coordinated through The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau at 800-358-5466.