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AAUW Used Book Sale

When: May 9th - 12th, 2020 (Postponed until further notice)

Where: Ag Arena, Penn State Campus 

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The State College AAUW Used Book Sale, held at the Ag Arena on Penn State Campus, is one of the largest on the East Coast. Thousands of buyers come from throughout the Mid-Atlantic United States to the four-day event. This is one of the best book sales for bargain hunters and avid readers you will ever find. But don't take our word for it. 

The books come from regional donations, most notably those collected at the AAUW's location in Boalsburg. Volunteers work year-round to collect, organize and price the books for the annual sale. Out-of-date, damaged or highlighted books are discarded before they hit the sale floor. The sale itself results in hundreds of tables of books and hundreds of boxes of books in reserve waiting to hit the floor. This means it is wise to come back multiple times throughout the four days. 

There are several categories including fiction, non-fiction, business, sci-fi, cooking and much more to choose from. The children's section has over 25,000 books and comprises roughly 10% of the sales inventory. Please make sure to bring your own bags for the sale and to either bring cash or check to make checking out as convient as possible for you and the cashiers. 

Schedule of Days

Day 1 & 2: Regular Price Days

Day 3: Half-Price Day

Day 4: Bag Day (fill up a bag for a flat rate price)

Proceeds from the sale also are used to support the national AAUW, State College Branch STEM programs, and branch operations. For more information click here.