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Tis the season … to slow down and do a little bit of self care. In the midst of shopping, holiday parties and end of the year deadlines, make sure to take some time to unwind and enjoy this holiday season. And what better way to unwind than by tasting your way through Hublersburg Inn's special holiday menu?... MORE

Sean Caviston is on a mission to win your heart -- with wine. The restaurant operations manager and wine director at The Nittany Lion Inn became a certified sommelier in 2016. He found a way to combine his passion for telling the stories of best vintage wines with his passion for showing off the inn's impressive culinary chops by creating the wine... MORE

By Cara Aungst


For many years, my Thanksgivings were spent in Buckeye territory. We didn't talk football … not over dinner at least … but Penn State was represented every year by my favorite wine. If you are like me and are venturing outside of Happy Valley this fall, take a little bit of Central Pennsylvania along with you in the form of some of our delicious, inventive wines... MORE

Penn State's premier hotels, The Nittany Lion Inn on campus and The Penn Stater located in Innovation Park, are ready for your visit back to Happy Valley. With golf packages, wine events, Sunday brunches and events around the holidays, your visit back to Happy Valley just got more delicious!

Treat yourself to a steakhouse dinner  

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By Richard Miller


You can always count on great food and new restaurants to try in Happy Valley. Our dining options just keep growing year by year. Whether you’re looking for classic American fare or an authentic cultural food experience, you can find it in Happy Valley. Here are some of the newest places to pay a visit to on your next night out!


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By Cara Aungst

Say the words “football weekend,” and you already have a picture in your mind. You know where you are going to order that pizza, what you’re going to pick up at The Book Store to bring home with you, and the bottle of wine you’ll buy. (See, it’s right there.) That’s the great thing about being in one of the... MORE

Last week, we asked Penn State alumni on Facebook what they missed the most about Happy Valley when they are away. Even now, you're probably thinking about your favorite restaurant, maybe even down to a favorite table or booth, and that food craving you can't quite satisfy anywhere else.

Alumni obliged with their dream food from their favorite spot, some old, some new, and some... MORE

As trees in Happy Valley turn to their red, orange and yellow hues, our heartwarming comfort food comes out in a big way. Cooler weather brings out the best in a vast array of produce... MORE


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