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Whether you’re still trying to drop a few extra pounds for swimsuit season, or you just want to feel your best for the busy, warmer months, Happy Valley provides more than a few tasty options that are both good and good for you. While health-focused options are popping up downtown, farmers markets abound and even long-standing restaurants are adding more vegetarian and vegan options to their... MORE

You don’t have to sacrifice quality and freshness for convenience anymore. Pizza Mia! Is now open in State College!

Want farm-to-table ingredients and fresh, affordable meals delivered right to your door? Call Pizza Mia!. Or, order online before you leave the office or pick up the kids from practice.

... MORE

When the weather warms up again in State College, calendars begin filling with social events, alumni reunions, weddings, family affairs and more. From a classy, friends-and-family Easter celebration to a graduation party fit for any die-hard Penn Stater, so many of these spring events revolve around the food. After all, a gathering of any kind is only as good as the eats, and you can be sure... MORE

Happy Valley continues to grow its reputation as an emerging foodie paradise, and the new construction and growth of the region has more than risen to meet these demands. Here’s our list of the best new restaurants around town.


Photo: Talleyrand Tavern


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Happy Valley is a place of local tradition and loyalty like no other. Local lore is the heart, soul and backbone of our community, and our food culture is the perfect example of that. Ask any local what their favorite restaurant is, and they’ll passionately rattle off a list while also telling you the best things to get at each place. And nine times out of ten, it won’t be chain restaurants... MORE

The e-version of our 2017 Food Guide is here! 

This edition is all about celebrating the best, uniquely Happy Valley places to eat and drink—the true local favorites and the locally-produced ingredients that make them so great.

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If you observe meatless Fridays for Lent, you may be needing some inspiration for where to grab some great seafood over the next 40 days. We've got you covered.

Here are our top pick spots, and a few of the best seafood dishes to get there. Even if you don't observe Lent, you'll want to try these anyway.


Photo: ... MORE

The Nittany Lion Inn, in all its warm and inviting glory, is an ideal place to spend a romantic Valentine's Day evening.

Their special four-course menu will offer exquisite specialties as well as... MORE

Gigi’s Southern Table always does it right, and this Valentine’s Day will be no exception. Gigi’s is offering its 2017 Valentine’s Day menu not only for V-Day on Tuesday, but Monday, too.

Take a look at the mouthwatering menu—and make your reservations before they run out!




 ... MORE

It's soup season, and if you haven't tried the comfort-food favorites on this list, you don't know what you're missing.

From the best lobster bisque you might ever have, to authentic southern gumbo, to a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup done very right... warm up with these bowls of goodness!


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