Food trucks make international flavors a moveable feast

By Laura Zaks


Fine dining and wining does have its perks, but there’s just something fun and special about ordering a delicious meal at a food truck and eating out on the go. Lucky for us Nittany Lions, Happy Valley is truly a food truck nation, raising its flag to sizzling drinks and scrumptious take-out food matched only by outstanding, friendly service.

The Penn Stater: Unwind with Weekend Brunches, Brews and Burgers

The Penn Stater, located in Innovation Park, offers top-notch amenities and beautifully appointed rooms. Their two in-hotel restaurants are perfect fall destinations for both lunch and dinner. Find out what's in store this spring!

Around State College: Spots to hit outside Happy Valley

It’s hard to imagine happiness outside our Happy Valley. What could it possibly look like—joysans the nittany lion roar echoing throughout the stadium, Old Main looming in the distance, grilled stickies melting in your mouth as you sport your favorite blue and white apparel?

Fall and Winter Food Fun in Happy Valley

As trees in Happy Valley turn to their red, orange and yellow hues, our heartwarming comfort food comes out in a big way. Cooler weather brings out the best in a vast array of produce from apples to pumpkins and squash, and there is no shortage of baked goods and hearty slow-cooked dishes popping up on local menus to take advantage of that fact.


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