The Top 5 Arts Events to Check Out This Season

Happy Valley is known for its blue and white fever: the football games that enchant us, the tailgates that invigorate us and oh the glory of the Nittany Lion roar.

But this community is painted with more than just blue and white on athletic uniforms; Happy Valley would not be complete without music notes lifting off the page, without dancers to put art into motion and without the voices that speak and sing directly to the heart.

The following is a weekend in Happy Valley: Arts Edition.




1. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Nothing is more beautiful than a story that moves our hearts in every which direction, showing us a journey of a little girl who dreamed big. Carol Klein did not become Carol King over night—she, as a mere teenager, had to fight her way into the world of music, where she worked on a hit songwriting team with her husband, collaborated with friends who have become her family and began her rise to a solo career. Come out to the Eisenhower Auditorium February 19 to February 24 to hear a true story that is not only inspiring, but also legendary.


2. Lady Grey’s Working Girl

There is nothing like watching Lady Grey and her Lovelies perform in the attic of the State Theatre every month. Whether it’s their seasonal specials or their cabarets, this all-dancing, all-variety group never disappoints the arts scene in Happy Valley. Come out March 16 to the State Theatre and join the Lovelies in celebrating the working woman from the 1900s through to today.


3. Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour

So many voices. So many innovations. So many notes. So much rhythm. So much soul! It’s the Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour, and it will be here in the Eisenhower Auditorium on March 22. The tour stemmed from California’s Monterey Jazz Festival, a festival that has been inspiring musicians for sixty years. The star vocalist of the show—Cécile McLorin Salvant—is joined by talented musicians, such as bassists, drummers, saxaphonists and trumpeters. Hear the future stars of jazz in your own valley!


4. Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema: The Sleeping Beauty

Not all performances need to be live; sometimes watching art come to life on screen is like having a magical lens to a world unknown. On March 24, the State Theatre will present Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema: The Sleeping Beauty. Brought to you all the way from Moscow, this ballet tells the classic story of Princess Aurora falling under the curse of an evil fairy, Carabosse. She is destined to sleep for one hundred years, the kiss of a prince the only magic that can wake her. This fairytale ballet comes with a twist, too. Enchanting characters like Puss in Boots and Little Red Riding Hood may just stop in to make a guest appearance!


5. The King and I

Rodgers and Hammerstein have released many a wonder, but can you get any more classic than the King and I? If your answer is, “No, of course not!” then be sure to free up your evening on March 28, and head down to the Eisenhower Auditorium for The King and I musical. Sing along to gems like “Getting to Know You,” “I Whistle a Happy Tune” and “Something Wonderful.” But if you ask us, the story of a unique and tumultuous relationship between a British schoolteacher and a modernist king whom she comes to know through teaching his many wives and children is truly the “something wonderful” here.

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